Enjoyed reading the whole lot:-))......brought back a lot of memories.....especially of the ambassador[at one time the only status symbol around but now no Indian wants to be seen in one], autos[I usually get carsick, airsick every vehiclesick but autos are an exception:-)], food on the leaf[it is called the onam sadya....onam a festival celebrated by Keralites sometime during september, we all wear off white clothes with gold border & sit on the floor to eat this delicious feast off the banana leaf....we do it even now]

I've read the whole post atleast twice now & seen all the pics....where exactly have u hidden the tacky bit I want to know....seriously u've recovered it really well, dont even think of deleting it:-o

I loved it.....esp those pics of Geoff & U under the heading "Atlanta"....oh those expressions, esp of u in the middle & the last picture.....they are priceless:-D

I like all of your post Agnes!
I love the photos also!

well done :) and envy your travel to India..haven't been there.

keep on posting coz am learning from it :)

lovely pictures, i wonder how i missed this post before
loved every bit of reading this
and Agnes, U are so pretty!

its nice to know that you like India :)

do keep visiting must also travel up north..tis lovely esp Rajasthan,Himachal & Ladakh...btw Im from Benares,India.

A wonderful New Year to you Agnes.

Hi Agnes,

I love India too, though I haven't been there yet, lol, but surely in the future...

Hi Agnes,
This is Shashank from North India,i have read about your visit to India (South India).
My Country is a grooming ground for multifarious cultures ,culture changes not from region to region but from place to place & from village to village.
U might have visited many places around the world,which are ultimate in providing luxuries.
My country,the only country which is ultimate in providing peace of mind & of inner self & can establish your link with the ultimate GOD.
you will find lots n lots of ashrams but not all will provide you about the ultimate truth.
we do not talk about hinduism,buddhism,christanity,sikkhism,etc;we talk about our association with the ultimate GOD.
The reality is beyond imagination & only few, 4-5 people on this earth knows.They have established the direct contact with the supreme being.
keep in touch

Beautifully written. I'm glad you'll enjoyed the visit here.

OMG..........i was so amazed by the whole the fact that you loved India.....agree that many westerners come to India to leave or take a break from the materialistic life.....

So you work from the human rights .....nice....think there's a lot of exploitation of same in India.....

yea, the new Banglore, sorry they call it Bengaluru now.....hey BTW....i'm living in Bengaluru for past 6 months....cause of job....but love it here.....and the Tuk TUk....well not that exciting.....for me.....cause of the traffic jams cause of them....but it's good for people visiting here......

My fav part of the whole trip description was the end.....i meant no cattles or three wheels....

you are good writer....i felt like going through the whole trip this is i'm visiting everyday.....

Both you do great....\,,,/

oohhh yea..the Ambassador .... think you know it more than me now....cause its your fav huhh???

now days only government officials use it.....but even they are demanding something like Honda or a Mercedes ..... :)

Elephant in the ashram? Deer and camels hanging out there too?

I'm hoping to see spots where the Buddha travelled and have a lot of reading to do before my little pilgrimage. It's a spiritual adventure, but one I hope to squeeze in a lot of fun and lots memories for stories to tell later over chai tea and curry and rice.

This was a second trip for you? Must be nice to be so close and make time for this. Wish I still had my "Nehru" jacket from the 60s.

What, you never heard of them? I'm sorry. That's before your time. It was all the rage here in the States when I was growing up. A suit jacket without a collar buttoning up to the neck.

The Beatles may have knocked it off the market when they came in with their "long" hair and skinny lapels on their jackets.

Happy New Year this time around. 2010. Let's hope we talk India this time again next year.

michael j

@Michael, it was my 8th trip to India, I think. Definitely the shortest one, (by far).
Of course I know who Nehru is. Beautiful independence speech.


Landed here thru Zhu's blogroll I think. Me being an Indian, its interesting to know that you like to come here again n again inspite of honking/ manouvering/ cattle on the road/ etc etc! What brings you here ? and if you could give the name of the ashram near bangalore pls? Was it Sri Sri's place ?

@ Raji, hi. It's hard for me to describe what I like about India. Every country is different in its own way and what you look for is what you'll find I guess. What keeps me coming back is work (non-profit) and my love for the country. We were staying at the JSS ashram that particular trip. Where in India are you from?


I left a comment asking you about the ashram and kept checking my mail for reply. Today it clicked to see the same post to see whether you have replied here and yes!
Thanks but if you could reply thru email pls next time, it wud be easier. Tho I have subscribed to your posts and see them as soon as i get alerts.

I was born n brought up in Rajasthan but now based in Gurgaon (south of Delhi).
Will google about JSS Ashram.
Have been looking for a purpose to live. Too much of 9-to-6 routine jobs. Lets see.

dont even know how I found myself on your blog.. but was pleasantly surprised to see a 'Last India Trip' post! Being an Indian, I have no misconceptions bout pros and cons of our country, but its home and I love it despite its many flaws. so it was really nice to see you appreciate the small things that most tourists would look down on.

If you can get yourself to look beyond the rural feel, and lack of proper development in a new country.. I think you coining yourself as a world traveller is bang on! :)

PS. You should also consider giving some of our major cities a try next time.. we're not all about elephants and snake charmers, you know! :)

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