Hi Agnes,
I'm expecting ur photograph...Soon..

Hi Agnes,a great site,easy to read and terrific photographs.Kind regards.Simon

Hi Agnes u have a great site and having nice photograph

Great photos! I love that snow covered lodgey looking house. It looks like Colorado.

AGNES is it true you have never had a cup of coffee that you have never liked, well I am curious, what does your 4 senses say ? about San Francisco Coffee, not in the state but the brand, I have enjoyed, Jamaican blue mountain, to Mexico's finest , Hawaii, Dominican,east indies, to the southern states, to good old reliable Tim Horton's, , interesting choice Bogota, friends of mine lived on a island for 7 years eating sea food, and in their case one day you have a craving and fly away......home is were the heart is, your life starts and sometimes ends,with the simplest thought in your life or a dream of your past.

so cute!i like it! wow!

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