30 something???? Gosh I never would have guessed...I thought mayb 26:-o

hi agnes! thanks! i'll surely add you to my reader so i can constantly view your site. take care! :)

hi Agnes, i wanna thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness..great knowing you.. do continue to keep in touch though we r thousands of miles away...
oh btw, u look great.. 20plus or 30plus.. as u said, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.. :)

Agnes......gosh I dont know what to say...overwhelmed actually. I never know the right thing to say at such times. When I came here I was wondering wht is it tht u were using the profile picture for. I scanned ur page twice b4 I saw the blue outline.

Its so beautiful. I absolutely love it....the frame & wordings & all....I feel so good:-))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice blog, Agnes.
I quite enjoyed reading your entries.
I am adding you to my reader :

Agnes ... you're the bomb. Enjoying all your entries.

First time in here...

I am just impressed with this blog!!!
will be following this one for sure :)

nice 'about me' page agnes..... I liked this one :)

I bet I've been to a few of the places you have been to... betcha!

I did some work in Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica and a little Chile. I love it down there! I'm having to take a break to be a dad for a while but I am going to be taking a trip to Belize to do some diving this summer.

Looking forward to following your travels!!

Interesting blog, Agnes and nice to have found it. I like your relaxed writing style. you definitely don't look "30 something"! By the way, I grew up in Goa, India and was down in Jan/Feb 2010 for 5 weeks (awesome time). I'm settled in Toronto, Canada, though. I'm not sure if these comments accept URLs, but this is my About Me Squidoo webpage: ;)

Hey!! Your blog is absolutely beautiful... photos are amazing... I'm in awe. (Oh... and I have to share... I read "Le Petit Prince" years ago... and I, too, adore it completely :) )

Off to read some more....

Ciao Agnes,
your blog's lovely, so are you, especially your name, I really luv that name. My name was unique until everyone started naming their child 'bailey' but at 46 I think I'm one of the originals. Prior to that, people just named their dogs 'bailey' or 'bailey alexander' which I find funny and an honour to be sure...(I've taken my two little babes, colette n godot, to 24 countries)
However, it was confusing because everyone thought my name should be alexander bailey.....and now, living in Italy, they feel this need to pronounce every vowel because, well, that's how their language lives...what's in a name, indeed.
I'll keep checking in....graz/bailey

Really, you're 30? Seriously, I could believe early 20's...

A very interesting blog! I can't wait to explore your posts. Have a wonderful trip to Pakistan.

Hi Agnes... First time on your blog and loved your posts... read quite a few of them... and some amazingly clicked pics too... :)

I am glad I've found your site!

---What's in your bag? I like that idea for a post! Thanks :)

What a lovely vibrant spunky spirit you are; love the photos, the clothes - just your ambient openeness; best wishes

just stopping by
to say "hey"…
I can smell you are a traveler,
'cause your feelings tend to meander. ;)

Have a Great Day!

Immediately your ambient openness; most excellent requirements

Agnes ... you're the bomb. Enjoying all your entries.

برخی از نکات خوب در شما به اتمام رساندم. جستجو در تم و متوجه شد که اکثریت افراد از نظر همین کار را با وبلاگ خود را داشته باشند.

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