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The cross country trip sounds interesting, you should share more! Good to have you back.

Nothing wrong with same old, same old. There is a time for everything.

So good to hear from you. A road trip with dad would be my definition of a dream/great vacation too.

I've been meaning to visit Florida....any tips you can share? please email me! I want to avoid Disney and Orlando...it would be more national parks/activities/beaches for us.

Sounds like fun! We had snow this morning :) It melted, but we're expecting some to stay over the weekend!

You truly appreciate the simple things in life, like focusing on the experience and time with your dad. I'm glad you were able to spend so much time with him! My wardrobe has been a variation of jeans and boots lately, too. Florida and Texas weather is so similar!

oh, LOVE those boots!! And the aviators! A girl needs to have her favourites things in working order!! :-))

Hi there. Just wanted you to know I'm still reading. Don't ever stop blogging!

Always nice to have an update and read your words, Agnes. Road Trip with dad sounds exciting. Can imagine all the fun that must have been, I would so love to know about it all!

Wrong place to comment I know Agnes but I just wanted to say treat yourself to a Nespresso machine and you will be in heave. Look in the Nespresso store now as they have a Xmas offer going. Maybe it comes in teal !!!!!

Welcome home! I loved your photo when you were in Bangladesh. I've never known anyone who visited.

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