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You do end up in the most interesting and unlikely places :)

Sounds so exciting! Have fun and take care :)

I get the feeling that's the way to describe your days all of the time! What the heck kind of project are you working on?

My curiosity is off the charts :)
Damn, you look great with a machine gun!

Keep up the mango juice in the heat !

Don't mess with Agnes!

that boom stick suits you, you wear it well


You're in the Army now! Enjoy the mango juice.

Mango juice sounds fun! :)

ha ha Rambo and GI Joe ?? Surely you look like that !!
Enjoy your moments :)

Your life is such a wild seres of adventures!

Oh, nice!!

I have never been on a military base and I never thought of visiting one. But now I want to. LoL. You look great and it's clear you had fun.

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