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Wow! What an incredible experience and photo!

.... and full of happy people! Well done!

Where's your flaming guitar :)

Such a jaunty jallopy !

Such a happy group! Love it :)

@Ed: LOL! My favorite character!

A happy pic...loving your clicks as always !

Nice bus and it looks like you have the best seat!

Oh my goodness. I somehow used to think that all those crazy photos you'd see all over the internet were Photoshopped. I guess i was wrong. They are the real deal.

You go to the Philippines and they put into a parade?? You're special. I did manage to get into a July 4th parade this year (see my post). Did you throw candy?

You go, dear girl, leading the parade. So glad to see you once again traversing the world in your fabulous way.

What a cute pic 😀

Hahahaha, :-) smiles :-)

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