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I could do without the traffic, but I think the countryside would be heavenly! I like the photo of the young gril.

Nice to see you posting again 😊

I love the photos of the kids! Safe travels!

Looks very interesting - that traffic looks like Marrakech !

@Sage: Love the countryside :-)

nice photos
make me miss the south east again

Love that your posting again! I've missed you much!

Thanks for sharing these fascinating photos!

What do you do for a living that takes you I out on the roads of exotic places and makes you live out of a suitcase?

Great phootos and posts...and the traffic is definitely Morocco..ish (reminds me of Casablanca traffic)


The last pic is fab...
And I love the sweet little shy girl :D

Ah, love this! The local beauty is just so adorable!

Other than the traffic, it's absolutely gorgeous! Love the smiles of those kids - they're about to have a great day! :) Hope you do as well!

Such a lovely shot of the local beauty. I like the work you do on your photos. They seem to be great to start with, as you have a good photographer eye, but then you process them and elevate them to the state of great art. Amazing.

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