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Love the haircut (yes you too Smokie)!
Did 5 countries including Budapest! Total now 39 but still have a ways to go to catch up with you.
Speaking of catching up – let's do it this weekend!

I went to London and Paris! When I got back I realized had thought of you and your travels a number of times. I went to your blog wondering if you had posted lately. Glad to see you have! I miss your updates.

Hi Agnes, I'm glad to see that you are still blogging! I love the capture of Smokey with the gecko. I'm already looking forward to fall. Hope all is well!!!

We have the opposite weather here atm.. Its freezing!
The part of Australia that I'm in doesn't even get snow.. but tomorrow we are

Lovely photos Agnes and good to see you blogging again!

Just wanted to say hi...you look great - haircut or not !
Its been a long time...take care.

Welcome back to blogland, Agnes, I am in Ouzezzate at the moment ! Would love to see you in Morocco xxx

Life is indeed full of routines and non-routines that eat up our days! Not sure how you face all that heat!! :)

@Ernie: Welcome back! Might be leaving for the Philippines on Monday, so we definitely should get together this weekend. I'll call in a bit.


Regular postings by many bloggers are becoming rare. On the bright side the fewer posts will have better quality (says my optimistic mind).

@Lisleman: LOL pretty safe to say this one wasn't of any quality :-)

Good to see you back. Yes, it has been hot and most of Nevada (except for the southern part around Vegas gets hot in the day but cools at night due to the elevation... I love rural Nevada and have blogged about trips there many times.

Hair looks alright. Good to see you posting!

So good to see u....I'm not too far away from some places in Nevada; come visit me :).

Happy travels and happy summer!

Can you believe Agnes that I have been living here in Marrakech for nearly nine months !!

@Kate: Oh Kate :-)))) Lucky, LUCKY you :-))))))))))

Great to have you grace the blog again after so long. Missed you! Even though it's a small post, there's a lot in it ... the pictures tell a story. Love! xx

Nice to see you back. I've been wondering what you've been up to. I guess that's my way of saying I missed your posts. Hope you get some time off to enjoy summer.

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