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I love Madrid. And I love renting apartments in other cities (Athens in August). Just looked through your blizzard of recent posts to follow your fabulous journey. Blessings on the road Agnes. Btw, you rock that duffle bag's worth of clothes :))

I am a fan of your blog photos. Very creative. Thanks for sharing.

I love the matchbox !!! Talking of dirty hair I just came by train to Rabat for a dinner tonight. Travelled very light only to find there are no toiletries in the hotel bathroom. So I am off to the Embassy with unwashed hair !!!

i like that car pic

What a great little apartment! Enjoy :)

nice place you got there :) Enjoy Madrid!

You look great and I'm glad you're enjoying Madrid. I was there two years ago and went to Malaga and a cute little beach town called Nerja. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Halloween :)!!!!

sleepwear and daywear can get confusing after you retire too.

Looks like a nice place to hang out for a while (with a lot of books)! It seems you do have travel down to an easy science

I like all the photos you're sharing. They're simply amazing. Madrid is such an exciting city! Oh, by the way, I love your hat!!! :-)

That looks like a cute apartment ...easy to keep clean + bright :)

Lovely pics of the place you fell in love with in Madrid, Agnes:)

Read through the previous posts and was fascinated by the globe hopping pics:)

I love your home! Indeed, your hat is proving handy and stylish!

oh my my - what a fabulous rental you got there. Traveling light is the key - you are doing it right! Enjoy!

Fab destination for a weekend - and Halloween!! Hope you had fun!! XO

wow...cool images...inspires me to travel to madrid some day :)


You are my ethereal friend who travels globally, whilst I sit in my safe harbor, just like a little crab shutting itself safely away. Joe and I bought a condo and we are now near the mountains, far enough away from the big cities and the hubbub I no longer feel a part of. It has been unseasonably cold here in the Metro Area of our Nation's Capital, and since the heater flap on our VW Bug refuses to move, the heater is heating the engine. Go figure. It's another of life's challenges. We'll soon have it put right.

I haven't begun baking and cooking full force since we moved, but soon enough I shall post some yummy pics for you to see. I am pleased you are looking well, and I positively adore the hat. My eldest sister once had a white hat that she bestowed upon me, when I turned sixteen. That was many moons ago, but I recall how it made me feel sophisticated and posh. So good to see these fine photographs of the countries you visit. As ever your friend ... stay safe and continue reaching for your joy!

Happy Holidays,


Madrid is a pretty place! Am sure you must have liked it Agnes:)

Andalusia was life changing for me. Beautiful photos.

Happy new year Agnes. Where are you? I miss your posts.

Agnes, I have missed you!
No one paints the art of travelling light more beautifully than you. Happy new year beauty xxxx

How are you Agnes? Thinking about you and sending you love and hugs! Hope all is well at your end.

Hi Agnes....I'm not only behind posting....I'm also waaay behind in checking on your travels. :)
Haven't been to Madrid since 1984 but have vivid memories....loved day trips to Segovia and Toledo. Said I was going to be more faithful to reading others and writing my blog in 2015. Hope you're well and happy wherever this comment finds you.

@Loree, @Shaista, @Sachi & @Tillie: Thank you so much for asking -- I'm fine :-) Guess I should update the blog ...

I thought that I would stop by as well Agnes. Glad all is well :) I'm headed to Tahiti, Bora Bora, and the Marquesas this week so I will be disconnected for awhile. Take care!

@Michelle: Ah, lucky you! Have a wonderful trip :-)

Hi Agnes;

I have enjoyed your photography for years now and still don't know what it is you do. I gather you are a model...

If you explore the Colorado Rockies you should drop in and visit my Castle!


The Catwalk was getting a bit scary. Jim the artist is dying of cancer and so finally let me touch it, even though I have owned it since 2001. I decided to put a Golden Ratio motif on the brace. Soon I will add a pentagram and a big spiral that will extend up to the left and curve down to the steel below.


Hi Agnes;

I hope you are doing well. I am spending a moment spreading some of the fun I have been having lately:

[url=http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?470205-Gospel-of-Pragmatism&p=5802163&viewfull=1#post5802163]Castle Church[/url]

I suppose you understand better than anybody Agnes, that these photos do very little compared to being there!


David Merrill.

Thought about you today And came here to see how you were. Don't know if you remember me still.
Stay well, my friend.
- Reenie

For some reasons, I thought about you and wondering how you are doing. Spain/Casablanca -- very nice. There's a town out near the atlantic ocean, Essouira where the Sahara meets the Atlantic ocean. You can just sit on a beach and look at the endless space of both the dessert and the ocean - very good for the soul. Take care. Lam Thuyen

@Lam Thuyen Wow it's been a long time… where are you these days?
Essouira… sounds like heaven on earth...

Madrid is the best place to live due to its modern infrastructure,financial,administrative and service centre. I had visited Madrid last couple of months and went to all major sites in the city.It was extremely amazing experience to know the rich culture and heritage sites in the city.

In Madrid,We can check out regional and international cuisines anywhere in the city.It was fun to take bike tour see some places like Royal place and other attractions.

Really you will enjoy to live in this city.

Hi, Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us.
Travel agency in Chennai I enjoyed the entire article and keep rocking!

Hi Agnes,

How have you been? Long time! I miss your presence in this world. Take care and wish you well, wherever you are and please, please do keep blogging, ok?

Love ~

where are you Agnes?
I hope all is well and that you'll soon pop over to say hello and look at the paintings xo

great photo............

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