Unlike me, you are the adventurous type when you travel. I don't think I'd ever survive a road trip like yours. Yet, I truly enjoyed your fabulous photos and I'm glad to see that you had such a great time in Morocco. And you do look stunning in this outfit, Agnes.

It is a fantasy !! And the best fantasy there is...drink plenty of the Sahara waters and say
hello to Kasbah Ellouze for me. I am so jealous!!!

Wow! Exotic places seem to call your name.

I like the door, its design, color and its handle.

You do bounce around! How do you handle jet lag?

Very cool - love the door! :)

Oh my oh my! I bet it seems like you never left. Returning, revisiting fond memories and creating new ones. Bon Voyage! My love to our friends in Casablanca!

I leave in 5 days, Morocco bound. Your photos are magnificent and fill me with yearning. Will you still be there next week ??

@Kate: I'm in Marrakech :-) Leaving for the Sahara in two days...

@Linda: No jet lag this time thank goodness.

I see you're leaving for the Sahara soon. Agnes, what do you do over there? Post lots of photos for those of us living ordinary lives. :)

You are such an adventurer, Agnes. Enjoy it.

Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter. Of course if it messes up you hair it might matter. I compared this song to blogging back in an old post years ago.

scaramouche scaramouche will you do the fandango?

Have great time. I've never been and would love to see photos!

What a wonderfully exciting and REAL life you live, Agnes! xx

I think it's real..you live what you intend to be 'life' .....

Life has SENSE when we can do what we wish..:)..

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