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Welcome home! I love that your bookshelves are stuffed with books, like mine. That's what bookshelves are for, right?

Nothing like your own bed is there !!

Welcome home! I like your bookcase. I tried to read the titles, but when I blew the photo up, it was out of focus :)

My bookshelves look like that too! I bet Smokey's happy you're home :)

The first image is wonderful. And the last one makes many smile. Thanks for sharing.

Hope you're enjoying home. Great pictures of you and precious Smokey!

Welcome Home!!!

I bet Smokey is so so happy. Me too! Glad to have you back


Hopefully you'll get a little time to walk that beach before traveling or the cold comes your way.

@LisleMan: Definitely one of the many reasons why living by the water makes sense. Especially when the weather is this perfect!

That photo of the ocean is just spell-binding. I never tire of the water. I also love that book shelf filled with books and the simplicity of your photos.

The seashore photo was what all of us who have been to Florida's beaches have saved in memory--ideal. But all your photographs have such warm appeal, excellent composition, focus and color. Great stuff Agnes.

Am sure returning home after a break must feel good! Enjoy the nice weather before winter sets in, Agnes:)

You cast a glamour

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= . <3

Great to see you are still travelling to far away places and taking terrific pix while looking cool and beautiful.

I have been out of touch with the world after having a nasty fall, which resulted in a hip fracture requiring hospitalisation.

Happily I had just finished and published as an Amazon e-Book my new novel, The Lust Of Comrade Lu, which provides a fictional adventure story against the backdrop of current developments in relations between Hong Kong and China.

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