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Casablanca looks amazing and I bet the Sahara was incredible Sounds like you're enjoying yourself. What an incredible experience. Thanks for sharing !

Oh that clean window guy could be a huge surprise for a lady just waking up.
I really like your phrase "the residues of the desert"

With that view, room service is an amazing idea!! Enjoy :)

What do you do to go to such exotic places? I'd like to do it in my next life.

Very nice photos as always. Thanks for sharing.
The 2nd photo remind of a poster from a Bollywood movie - Dhoom 3. :)

Did you wake up to clean windows or window cleaners? Yikes! Gorgeous view, though!

@Lisleman & @Barbara: Just stepped out of the shower & found the window cleaner seamlessly integrated into the view.

I love that most of the buildings are low rise. You certainly have a great view across the city with the added bonus of a window cleaner thrown in !!!

Did Humphrey Bogart make the movie in actual Casablanca? If so, wonder if any of the set is still there! Cool view!

Can you take me with you in one of your trips ?? :) I am joking :)

I had never before desired to be a window washer... That would be pretty shocking to look out the window of a highrise and see someone standing there.

It seems like you're on a wonderful adventure. Glad you're sharing it with us.

I just came home from my adventure in Canada. eh... and the only experience I had similar to any of your
phootos is the coffee. I look at your pics and I really feel I am there too. Great shots. And keep this in mind, no amount of steaming or cleaning will ever take the Sahara out of your pores....you can take out the residue but not the Sahara

@Lucky: Too true! Only the residue, but not the Sahara, never :-)

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