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I don't envy your schedule. The accommodations appear pleasant and the cigars should be a wonderful gift

I am jealous :-) A lot! And I don't see how Budapest didn't end up in your schedule :-)

Write to me sometime. I miss you and miss your emails!

Your photos are fantastic as always. Jet lag or no jet lag you look amazing!

Jet lag looks good on you. Enjoy your laid back breakfasts :)

@Adri: I miss Budapest!!!!! And you!!!!!

and p/s (roughing it, eh?):

Can't say anything, dying of envy :-)

OMG you are the bestest friend in the world! HAHA. Can you score me just one Montecristo?

Love following along with your travels!!
Hope your jet lag adjusts quickly, nothing worse when it takes over.


Looks so pretty! Enjoy catching up on your jet lag!

aah love the pictures! Have fun and take care of yourself! Hugs! {I simply needed to say that to you today}.

If that is what Jet Lag looks like, bring it on! Travel so appeals to your very being. Love the pictures and the updates. I know laying out at the beach is tough but someone's got to do it...and you do it so well! See you soon!

Your 2nd to the bottom phooto has a Kasbah Ellouze feel to it ...with the courtyard. And the phooto of
you relaxing at the beach has a Sahara feel to it if you take away all the water and just have the
sand in the pic.

@Lucky: Get ready for some very Sahara-esque Dominican smokes.


While I don't want to smoke a cigar I love the wafting scent. Just the mention of the Sahara makes me shiver with excitement - 32 days to go !!

@Kate: I'm sooooo excited for you!!!!

I have to say I envy you for your jet lag. It's been to long. :)

With your descriptions and beautiful photos, it really feels like travelling with you....without the jet lag!

I don't get over here as often as I'd like, but I always love visiting. Take care.

What an exotic, eclectic itinerary you are on. Can't imagine the cultural whipsaw it must be to go from Japan to the DR. You seem to glide easily from green tea to cigars :))

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