Welcome home! I bet Smoky is happy. It's cooling off a little at night...lots of rain lately. Soon it will be awesome in these parts :)

@Michelle: Pouring now! But soon… Florida-winter <3

We are having gorgeous weather here in Austin! I'm grateful for the cool fronts that have come through. I think it's supposed to creep into the 90's again this week, but that beats the 100's!

I loved hearing about you skyping Smoky ! I can see some canine FaceTime in my future !!!!

Gorgeous photo.

Welcome back home. You look stunning, as always!

Lovely Photo Agnes! I bet Kitty is happy you are home:) I just moved to Austin, Texas and waiting for the cooler weather:) miss my jeans and sweaters.

Love your dressy look!

Here too. Thankfully it's cooling off this week. Last week summer was still in full blast. Can't wait to wear my boots.

.. The "overseas woman" .. jewel..beauty..very fine ..

Bet Smokey is happy! We've had bizarre weather. The last week had our best weather of the whole summer, but today is back to rainy and cool. Down to freezing at night :)

Love the photograph. Great styling. Welcome home to getting better where you live, getting depressing where I live even though the the woods are on fire with glorious color. I know what's coming: North Face mukluks with ice sensors! Gorgeous!

Nice hat. I like it better than the military one. A little Indiana Jones like.

I can see the sweet comforts of home shining bright in your look! :-)

Love all the photos - they take me into your world. I bet you are glad to be back home but that appreciation is only increased because you have been away ... :)

Hey, I know you're glad to be home if for no other reason than to hug smokey and get a little routine in your life. Sorry you didn't get to see Scotty McGreery play while in Santo Domingo. Jeffrey, my nephew who plays in his band, lives in Nashville. He was like you, he thought Santo Domingo was great. His sister is in the Foreign department at Haiti and frequently comes to Santo Domingo because it's more modern than Haiti. She says it is a world of difference between the two. Again, I so enjoy your pictures, they take me all over the world! Glad you're home safe and sound.

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