which Military does that man's hat come from? I would salute you.

@LisleMan: Dominican.

Well whatever you are doing with your hair…. it works!
Never used dry shampoo but will try it---
They should use your picture for a poster---getting recruits...! :)

Nice! I'm such a 1st world girl when it comes to my hair :)

yes MA'AM!

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

I am not a miss prissy - anymore, but not being able to was my waist length hair for 10 days on my humanitarian trip to Tanzania just about pushed me over he edge! I rarely even blow dry my hair when I'm traveling. My curling iron doesn't work anywhere, but the US (learned after several melt downs and frying my hair :( Besides no one knows me and when I'm hiking through forests and mountains who cares ;)?

A go for the hat. Any hat. But I never look this good in mine!

I approve the hat.

@Michelle: I can go three days without shampooing… after that things will become pretty gross. I will wash my hair in a bucket of cold water if I have to. Of course hotels have both hot water and a blow dryer (some hardly blow any air though), it's just that sometimes when in some dusty country and don't have the time, then it's airplane after airplane, things turn ugly :-) Dry shampoo makes things look passable but it just doesn't feel clean. Wonder if getting it all braided before a long dusty trip would take care of most hair-related issues.

I shampoo my hair every other day.... the benefit of having very short hair! I love your hat!!!

What if that bucket of cold water is brown ;)? In Tanzania we did not stay in hotels. The trip was not in expensive. The money was supposed to go to the children we worked with. I simply was not prepared - or told what to expect, but I survived :)

@Michelle: How wonderful of you to have helped those kids. And I now understand what you mean by not being able to wash for ten days. I'm no stranger to the circumstances you describe (seriously this is where getting everything braided beforehand is starting to make sense to me… scalp would probably itch like crazy but at least no washing & brushing necessary). When I'm roughing it, I normally begin to wear my yoga bandana around day five here & here … for the lack of a better idea really. I'm sure hair related concerns sound shallow when it comes to volunteering (to those who haven't done it) but think those who have know it's not always as easy as it sounds.

I have gone a week without washing hair routinely while growing up, but coming to the states has definitely spoiled me. I would oil and braid it, if I knew I cannot wash it for few days. Dry shampoo - I've heard about it but never used it. What does it do the hair? Which one do u use? I'm thinking I should carry one for my upcoming trip.

@Sachi: I use Full Detox Rub-Out by OJON. But I think most brands are ok. Dry shampoo will make your hair look much(!) less dirty but it will not *feel* cleaner, just look cleaner. It also gives sort of a lift… that little oomph hair sometimes needs. You shake the can then spray your roots (from below, not from above -- either tilt your head forward or just lift up sections to spray under), then massage it around your scalp, then brush it all out. Some brands are not suited for people with dark hair as they might leave a white powdery residue. I'm able to brush all of the OJON out and never noticed any white residue but it's worth testing it at Ulta first (I think Sephora sells it too, can't remember).

I am man having short hairs and I wash them almost per day no matter traveling or not. If not, I do not feel good and even bath each day in morning hours is important.

somehow, you always look 'ravishing'.

Your hair always looks good. But I know that after a few days it still needs a good wash - even if it looks great.

By the time I was 30, the Good Lord had taken care of my need to fuss with hair. But yours looks beautiful, with or without the hat.

what a fab photo! Hats of military guys always come in handy lol. I just discovered the joy of dry shampoo. I really like the batiste brand you can get at Drugstores. I even use it sometimes just add volume to my fine hair. Curious to what one you use?

@Cynthia: I use Ojon. Sometimes (rarely) it clogs, apart from that it's great. I think most brands work for blonde hair :-)

You look great, dirty hair or not :))

When I travel (and to be honest I do this at home too) I can go 3-4 days without washing my hair. If I'm lazy on goes a hat for as long as I can get away with it.

traveling and washing is not a problem I think in 21st century... drying and styling can be....

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