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Lucky you, Agnes to see such gorgeous far flung places like Mongolia:) Loved the narration and pics:)

An interesting mix of Soviet Bloc architecture and desert. Always fascinating to see. Safe travels.

I came into UB on the train, riding across sweeping hills as we descended into the city. I loved it--and UB with its broken sidewalks (where they exist) and rutted streets was a delight. Here is the post I did on my time there in 2011 (this was in a different blog). I am really envious that you're there for 2 weeks. http://www.jeff-ridingrails.blogspot.com/2011/09/mongolia-july-28-31-2011.html

Wow - what intriguing contrasts!

Hi pretty lady:)... what a beautiful place - thanks for sharing your travels! xoxo

Thanks for sharing the view ...never been there.

Time for adventures... :) I cannot wait to read more.

I'm glad that you're enjoying Mongolia. Hope the jet lag improves.

What a rapturous and stirring experience!

Fabulous photos ! I know very little about this area so really interesting to see.

Great pics and narrative Agnes!

I am not sure about the tofu and mushrooms (really??) but love the adventure and your descriptions!

I know you are doing work there--and that is what keeps you rolling!

Thank you so much for the comments. The raw authentic beauty here is really quite overwhelming… words and photos don't do it justice.

@Sage: Loved your essay! And of course I recognized some of the streets in your photos :-)

all of Mongolia is in the middle of nowhere isn't it?
My National Geographic reading on Mongolia shows bareback horse races and nomads living in those big semi permanent tents.

Great photos Agnes...middle of nowhere, a thousand miles from nowhere ( thanks to Dwight Yoakam for that line) and you are somewhere. Happy Trails to you till we meet again.


I envy you your adventures, but I know I'm romanticizing it a bit. Hope you have some fun along with the work. What do you use to process your photos? Your posts are always so graphically creative, and I know that takes time!

One of the places I have always wanted to visit. We need to restart travelling again. Lovely pictures as always Agnes!

My dear friend, like the other commenters said your photos are beautiful. Please tell me if there's a corner of this world you haven't been to but want to go?
p.s.: The eye drops are perfect, thank you again!

What a contrast to anything I'm used to. This is surely one area of the world which I will never see. I am not adventurous enough.

@Adri: Fiji… :-)

Couldn't find where to comment on your latest post, so am posting here. LOVE all the pictures and impressions. I just know you will love Japan. I've been there 3 times now, as our son lives there in Kyoto. It's a very special place. Enjoy! (Look forward to your photos and words from there).

@Kay: In Japan now… you're right, I LOVE it!!!!

Great photos here in what must surely be a great adventure. I'll have a look around. Have a great day!

I love your posts, always so personal and intimate while being global and worldly at the same time.

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