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Read this new post first thing this morning and how I start my day right is checking for Agnes Pages and getting my aesthetic boost for the day. Thanks Agnes. And I love the tips---more, more!

I do have the same scent preferences, and was going to ask about the incense, so thank you for volunteering it before I could ask!!

We have an almost identical morning routine! I also grab my coffee and hang outside for at least half of my cup of coffee each day (weather permitting of course ) before the daily grind. I also will check out those scents you recommend as I also hate the overbearing sweet ones.

Have a beautiful weekend xo

As the L'Occitane aroma came back to me I immediately surprised myself with it for my birthday :-)

I don't know the other products, are they good? Well, you wouldn't be using them if they weren't so apologies for the dumb question :-)

I was just about to ask how Ernie is doing but I see he's okay.

@Adri: I'll send you a bottle of the tobacco room spray (it smells like fresh tobacco, NOT like an ashtray no worries) + the incense. Think you'll like them.

Had lunch with Ernie earlier this week, he's doing well, busy as always.

The smell of fresh coffee wafting through the fresh morning air is good. What makes it great is smelling fresh buttermilk pancakes. Many smells are memories.

Brewing coffee,, garlic, Eucalyptus, early morning fresh air and Dior's Dune pop to mind when I think of pleasing aromas--oh, and my mom's jewelry box with the faint aroma of Revlon's Charley. She's been gone for years, but she lingers on in her jewelry box now mine.

I have reactions to all kinds of fake scents - natural ones are so much better (although I can't go near some of them either!).
I've never enjoyed coffee, but my current waker-upper is my Chai tea. Yum!

@adri I'm doing very well. Thanks. Returned earlier this month from a series of lectures and photos in New York (my home - and whenever I say the word, Agnes has me repeat it at least 3 or 4 times to hear the accent :)

It is wonderful to see Agnes back in the pages she created and creates.

And I am so happy that you both had a chance to meet when she was in Budapest last.

Coffee and vanilla in any order for me - to smell, drink, eat - oh and add cinnamon to that list too !!

I love all these ideas! I shall try the incense idea outside - my husband feels overpowered by incense - so outside should work quite well...

The tobacco room spray sounds fascinating. You know how much I am into scents! If you say it's good then perfection is guaranteed. You're an angel for sending it, thank you in advance :-)
And I'm sending you the newest eye cream by Ilcsi. I am afraid at this stage in life a good eye cream is vital.
Ernie, I hope to see you before the end of the year. I'll bring you the same traditional Hungarian salami I sent last year. If memory serves right you said you liked it!

Nice presentation of your morning. My morning is all about the right black tea.

Nice to see you enjoy nature's freshness, Agnes! A nice scent worth trying is Tea Tree From Elizabeth Ardeen range:)

The whiff of pine trees in a forest, the breeze from the sea which fills my flat as soon as I open a window, Christmas home cooking and baking,freshly-baked bread, perfumed candles, the comforting scent of clean sheets and towels, honeysuckle, strawberries, vanilla, hot chocolate, BBQs, Noir by Chanel.... these are only a few of my favourite smells most of which conjure up happy memories.

Hm, not sure you're into Yankee Candles but they make a great Pine scent. I do not like the overly flowery smells either but I love anything with cinnamon in it and my mum had a great scented candle called Frankincense.

I start my day with a cup of warm water and lemon. Sometimes I add a dash of cayenne or a touch of honey. It wakes up my organs and senses like no other. Cannot handle anything Iced or Chilled, but do love coffee - always hot :)!I will try out the scents - I tend to use some handmade local ones from back home :)!

Hello Agnes,

Where might I find some eucalyptus oil please? My sister had a eucalyptus tree beside her pool, in California. I loved the leaves, a mulberry green and their rounded shapes ... like little jewels glittering in the sunshine. There was a refreshing scent in the air and the gracefulness of the tree made me feel serene and happy.


@Theresa: You can buy eucalyptus oil in Whole Foods :-)

The first thing I do is open all windows and clasp down all the curtains.
There's something refreshing about letting the morning into the home. And if thats what a bedhead looks like. I want some. Nice to hear from you after long.

I'm with you on the eucalyptus and books....would add sage to that list. I just grabbed a handful from Ithaka so I can breathe in Greece when I get back home.

Books and leather and old wood... And coffee! Since moving to Savannah, I am finding myself doing more walks at sunrise, otherwise it is just too hot. I'm waiting on October (although the sailing yesterday was incredible.

My morning routine is similar, if you can call 9.30 a.m. as that. I loved incense but can't breathe in the heavy vapours now. My coffee is milky more like a light, cream-less latte. A night owl; I prefer to go for a walk around sunset or later. Love of the smell of books and babies (fresh from a bath) and fruits and floral scents.

My new schedule has me awake before 5am, and it's not the most pleasant. Your morning routine sounds like it really wakes you up, and getting you ready for the day. Maybe I should try using some scented candles during my morning routine.
Sara Welsh

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