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Bon Voyage! Have a wonderful time Agnes. I look forward to your reports!

So cool to see 3 sunrises but I bet you'll be tired out at the end of it! Have fun! :)

I'd love to hear how you deal with such frequent traveling and jet lag. I thought I would get used to it, but it seems to have a cumulative effect on me. Safe travels and enjoy.

This keeps you young Agnes...forever young...may you have another great adventure...


how awesome! come to India with me in October - you'll get to attend my cousin's wedding in an Ashram in Bangalore!

You blog writing style is creative and makes reader to read I guess. I like it :)

@Sachi: There's a slight chance I will be in India in Oct… so we'll see :-)

@Michelle: Twenty hours in the air + jet lag definitely have an effect on me too. I so wish there was a quicker way to get around!

Have a nice trip Agnes!Do let me know if you happen to travel to Delhi:)

Enjoy it all !!

Safe and enjoyable travels!


Have fun and keep us updated xxx

One word: Ambien.--okay two: Melatonin . Bon voyage Agnes. Sleep tight; wake bright.

Have a wonderful, safe journey!! xo

Wishing you safe travels and good coffee/tea

@Lisleman: Tea is great here! (China)

Oh please please let me know. If you send me an email (@gmail)I will email you details and my phone number. It would be lovely!!!!

Oh Agnes!!! I missed your blog so much! It is amazing to see all your travels again and that unique perspective!!!! Love the photos of China! And how your doing your posts! Very cool editorially style:)

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