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I am a fan of your choice of colors specially white and photography and I surely like the scratches over wood work, the wooden floor, the rugged wall, the curtain bar, the mirror nicely framed on the wall, floor mat (is it jute mat?) etc. etc. All is excellent. Thanks for sharing photos.

Love it.. reminds me of Restoration Hardware!... no lie... I've got a few distressed pieces as well... it adds character and warmth to a room.

Boy, could I ever relax and enjoy life in that abode. Beautiful and well done Agnes!

Very nice! I love the woods and naturals too. :)

serene and beautiful like you.
I too, prefer natural elements and your space is a haven of tranquility. Thanks for sharing.

Such a relaxing environment !! My house is art deco and I have a dome in my ceiling. I did not see it when I was inspecting the house before buying - how crazy is that.

I would most definitely like to see more of your place ...and the sooner the better. I like the way have added personality into your home. It is something people forget to do and yet is so important.

Nice, I like your taste in decorating. I am in the middle of a move and am not looking forward to all the unpacking!

I would love to finally see your home in real life, it is clearly an actualization of dreams dreamt by an artist. My knack for interior decorating starts and ends in IKEA.

@Adri: Well, I've seen your house and as you know, it's my favorite house in the world!

You once told my cousin "a house is never done" and I think you nailed it. Remember when you said that? By the way, that house (my cousin's) is also sheer perfection.

Of course I remember!

I could so have some of her incredible crepes right now, the ones she had prepared for us that time.

And I wouldn't pass up the ice cream in that cafe either.

We should go there! When are you coming to visit?

And write to them please!!!!!

@Adri: I'm planning on coming later this year. After your US trip :-) My dad is building a new house which should be done September-ish… so sometime after that.

Those crepes were delicious indeed! Everything about that day trip was just perfect…

I so want to see your dad, I just love him so much! Well if that's our deal then I'd better set sail :-) Can't wait!

@Adri: Same here :-))))

I love your style and I also love exuberant colours like you would find in Morocco. I am not sure how it is even possible to reconcile two such very different styles. But, as I always say, I am a bundle of contradictions.

As I often do, I'm listing to music as I browse the blogs. As I look at your room pictures what song comes on? "White Room"
"In the white room with black curtains near the station" As least there are no black curtains. Also I didn’t see any “shadows run from themselves”. However, I suspect you are a "kindness in the hard crowd."

I have a house full of mismatched furniture myself, and I'm with you on matching jewelry, too. Love your floors and walls!

I love white too as well as natural materials such as wood, marble, leather, silk. Thank you for this virtual tour of your beautiful home.

Excellent play of neutrals and textures. I love the fern in the utility bucket. 3/4" honed granite countertop in the powder room, might have be a choice if you ever change. 1 1/4 polished struck me as too traditional in that setting. Just a suggestion. Overall the place is you.

@Linda: You nailed it. Countertop was not my choice, it was already there, (never would have picked this particular design on my own). If I ever replace it I'll most likely just use reclaimed wood… what do you think?

I love how you combine the colors. Great pics, too.

You describe the beauty of white so beautifully, Agnes. Love your house, I think it resonates in purity. :-)

I love your walls too. I find them just right.

What a joy to see something created, step by step. It is not easy to ensure that one's home reflects not only their preferences by the essence of who they are.....nicely done Agnes!

Love the walls. The unperfection of them. I know thats not a word, but just feels right.
White's my favorite color. And from an Architect's point of view full marks for the whole effort. :)

A beautiful home... Maybe I should do such a post, but right now my home is decorated in 21st century cardboard boxes... Enjoy your home!

Hi Agnes!!! Like you, I haven't been online much, but wanted to see if you'd posted how your house finish! It's lovely...you've capture several things that I've incorporated, as well. It's always nice when one re-decorates and the finished product causes a smile every time you walk in....and I'm betting that happens with you. Cheers...wherever in the world you're reading this. :)

@Tillie: Thank you! I'm reading it in Beijing (China) :-)

Are we interested?!! Honey, we have our tongues hanging out! Am looking with my eyes, but feeling texture with some incredibly magical sense your photographic-alchemy is able to conjure...

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