Outstanding images...And the Silver State is now better with you having graced its
hiways and biways with your presence.

Wise post! Thanks for sharing the life wisdom

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= <3

Love those times of recharge and refresh! We all need them - and it's wonderful when life hands us the opportunity - enjoy!

Nothing like laying back once in a while and nice to see you back again, Agnes!

I was wondering what you've been up to. Low times are good. Very good. But somehow I seem to get restless if I am not online for a long time. It's strange how some things just become a part of who you are. Maybe it will change with time. Hope you're having a good summer. It's always nice to hear from you.

isn't it lovely to just chill?

You are ravishing, as usual, and it's good to hear from you.

I'm so happy you're back! Your pics are true art and I missed them very much. If you want to read a really funny book may I recommend "Do Butlers Burgle Banks?" by P.G. Wodehouse.

BTW I didn't know you were into soccer :-)

In terms of you, I can only echo Georges-Louis Leclerc: Le style, c'est l'homme (The style is the man).

And by the way I am so jealous of your hair :-) and let me know the name of the eye cream you're using :-) plus I must try champagne mangoes, they looks delicious.

@Adri: Still using the Lancome eye cream you gave me!

I like soccer but I LOVE the World Cup :-))))))

I spend less time online for enjoyment these days, and can't remember the last book I read, but I did make time to watch the World Cup as much as possible (although I usually had my laptop open at the same time, working.) It's good to hear from you and glad you're having a seemingly relaxing summer! You deserved it and, I'm sure, needed it!

Looks like fun! I was in Vegas in December for a bitcoin conference, made a few new friends and found myself up at the top of the MGM Grand for an incredible after party. it was great times ;)

YUP, I'm rarely spending time online anymore. This is exactly where I want to be in life. Not running websites or doing anything computer related. Just use it for checking email these days.

Im starting a wood fired pizza place in about 6 months so Im just getting everything figured out. Wood fired pizza is my real passion (next to soccer and women of course).

The last movie I saw was Tammy and it was the worst. I fell asleep in it was so bad.

Take care and have fun out here in the ol' west!

Great to see your latest post. I have been and am a big fan of Agnes_Pages. There is always something interesting both said and pictured. For me, you create a feeling that anything is possible and somehow the world is less formidable. Maybe is the overriding aesthetics that is always present in your posts. Do I hear an "amen" from other readers?

@Ernie: You're too kind (and quite the cheerleader I might add).

p/s: Can you come to the Thai place Thursday night? Around 6 or 7 I figure.

p/p/s: I have more magazines for you.

@Agnes---Thanks....just in time to restock my mags!! I will be there!

I do believe people can move too fast now. An easy relax pace can certainly rest your mind.
I really like the duct tape effect. Memories held together by duct tape - not sure what that says if anything.

The best days are exactly that, just being :) I am so glad you are enjoying your summer days.


Oh..What a time has you been out...
Be welcome always you wish...
There's a photo about fishing..My favorite hobby !!!
Until next..Be well !!!

Best about Summer - mangoes and journey to mountains.

Ah! Nothing like rejuvenating time - being offline certainly helps with that. Enjoy this time!

So when is California happening? I want to meet you!

@Shachi: Not sure when… but I'd love to meet as well. Will let you know for sure :-)

Missed you in cyberspace but you look great and contented!

It's Ok from time to time to take a break from the internet. :) Enjoy.

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