That last picture - It appears you had the wind (and everything else) knocked completely out of you.
Enjoy the weather - it never lasts long.

I love that every day has its own pace - and that it won't be revealed until the day's in motion! Enjoy your new pace :)

I once rented a Mustang convertible in Hawaii a very long time ago - it was such fun with the roof down but I didn't quite get the right "look" as I had a child car seat plus child in the back !!!

We all need an occasional slow day... Glad you had yours,when will mine come?

The older I get, the busier I like to be. Perhaps it's a sense of limited time left. :-)

Just finished and published a new book and hope an idea pops into my head soon for another one!

Do you really lay your clothes out the night before? No wonder I'm such a fashion mess every day! I understand what you mean about inactivity - I find it agonizing to sit still, but have no problem lying on a beach for a few hours. Ah, humans.

@Barbara: I don't ever. My fashion (if you can call it that) choices are always spur of the moment.

I like the style of writing post and attaching photos as well.

Look at you! Beautiful as ever. Thanks for checking in. Have fun in your well-deserved break.

Pace is important in running. You can run all out for 100 yards, but not for 26 miles. If you want to run a race successfully and feel good at the end, a nice pace is the first thing to master. Same thing holds true in life.

So, you are learning how to fly? Where are you in your training so far?

Enjoy this perfect weather! I think we may have the same camera? Take care!

I find that I prefer a fair bit of solitude as I get older but then that's just me. Enjoy the spring break.


It is great being back in the USA. And loved seeing and reading your latest post.
I have always thought that what you consider "down time" is to many, lots of action. :)
And your new game of flying planes is a perfect case in point - lots of space - that I know you love - and great views creating relaxation while the Need for Speed is evident in your flight. Perfect Agnes activity.

I love your belt. I've been looking for a similar one for ages. Enjoy your 'down time' and have a wonderful weekend.

I like how you named this a 'slow day'... Up in the wild blue yonder chasing clouds...amazing

@Lucky: It was a slow day :-) In a sleeping in late, no rush, long meals, everything in slow motion sense.

I'm a firm believer that your body will wake up when it's ready....if allowed to...and...since retiring every day is Saturday :) (not quite..work a couple of days a week)


Great outfit to go flying in. I've got a similar concha belt, which was my mom's. Makes me feel close to her when I wear it.

You look awesome :D
Love the booties !

@Amanda: Mine's really old too… in a weird way it reminds me of Jim Morrison's belt :-)

Enjoy your slow paced time, Agnes. :) Hope your flying lessons have been going off well.

Lovely to catch up with your posts Agnes:)

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