Change can be challenging, but so wonderful if embraced as well. Congrats as well on your new place.

I also have been taking the last few days to catch up on much needed rest, I was a waking zombie for a few weeks trying to catch up, which honestly will never happen lol! But feeling rested and ready to dive back into the rhythm.

You look amazing as usual darling.

Much love,

Sitting in the bed of a pick-up - you have me wondering about the picture.
As I think about it I'll listen to the Eagles' "Take It Easy". But I'm not standing on a corner in Winslow AZ.

I tried yoga once and experienced the bliss of wellness and stress relief soon after. I gave it up,though, due to lack of time. I guess I wasn't disciplined enough. Love the lay-out of your post! :-) You definitely deserve a good night's sleep.

Wow you really needed a rest. Sometimes our body just takes over and does what it needs to do. Hope your weekend will be less hectic.

I hope you had sweet dreams !

Nice! I've had my body just take over like that a few times - hope you're feeling great!

I keep thinking I should try Yoga. A few years ago I did some classes in Tai Chi and still do some of those exercises. I have that same bedliner in the back of my truck--I ended up getting a piece of plywood to put on the bottom to make it more comfortable to camp in! Hang in there--it sounds like it has been a stressful winter for us all.

Just 8 plus hours of sleep is so relaxing no matter for days a person is wake up. Thanks to God.
Re.: Yoga. I do not know what is Hot Yoga but all I know is Yoga had helped to recover from arm injury and had increased strength, flexibility and calmness of mind. But I do it On and Off. :)

Yoga stretches are the best hot or cold. Sleep is good too, but there are sleepless nights. My MIL advised when those happen, iron. You'll fall asleep immediately. When the work is absorbing, tired isn't a factor.

We don't always realize that life is all about change, NOT staying still, as embodied in the wondrous I Ching.

Never heard of 'hot' yoga but I love what you got to say about it - stillness in motion and motion in stillness.. take proper rest Agnes and write to us again, soon. :)

I know how you feel, Agnes. I finally had a chance to sleep in this morning and it felt so good. Of course now I feel the day is gone too fast and I haven't gotten a fraction of everything I need to do done. Sigh. Hope you continue to get the rest you need and find time for yoga!!

Sleep is divine. I wish you lots more!

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