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I was wondering where you had flown off to. I am glad to see you are still non-blogging, at least once in a while!

You aren't going to SXSW in Austin by any chance, are you?

@Marty: I'm not -- are you?

I been wondering and wondering what you've been up to but figured that you've been busy - which is good, of course. But I do miss your posts and your outlook on life. Keep us posted from time to time :)

.. a long time out, really ..

Other than the damn polar vortex freezes, 2014 has been good. One's life is always changing because that's the definition of living. Minor changes, good vs. bad changes, it's those changes in latitudes changes in attitude (jimmy buffet)
We couldn't laugh we would all go insane.

Your new place looks awesome!!!

Good to get an update from you! I'm glad everything is okay and you've just been busy. 2014 is flying by for me. Too fast!

So good to hear from you...been thinking about you. Happy 2014 - wishing you more travels, adventures and experiences! I like bouncing back to routine too - even if its slow paced with the young kiddos right now!

Hi Agnes
It was only a couple of days ago that I came to your blog and was wondering
how you were and if you'd be blogging again
I'm so glad you did

Garry x

Another reason to get up in the morning...your blog is active!

Ever walk around feeling something is missing in your life but you just don't know what it is? Seeing your blog ---suddenly the feeling was gone and in place--there you were! Agnes' blog! You just have some "magic sauce" that makes your pictures and your messages compelling and entertaining! Welcome back!

Yeah, it has been an interesting winter and I too am feeling like I am in that limbo state too. The holidays were very busy, and the next few months appear even more hectic. Hang in there.

Nice place Agnes...it does feel good to see your pics here !! Its been a long time for me !!

Great Heavens! It's Agnes! Missed your appearances on my Dashboard.
Delighted to have you back. And nice to see you looking as great as ever.

Your crisp winter months are my hot summer days. But we've been luckier, heatwise, in Sydney than people in Adelaide and Melbourne, where they have been having scorching weather.

All the best for the rest of 2014.

Thanks for coming out on the web a bit. Great pics, A

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

=^..^= <3

Welcome back, Agnes. It is so good to hear from you, about me - I think the new year is running out pretty fast. I love reading what you write, and this has been a long break. I have missed you.

If that's a shot of your new digs, the place looks great. Life does feel fresh this year. I got my fashion verve back with my new knee. You haven't lost yours. Make sure you don't. It keeps ho-hum hum drum routines lively. People coming and going also keep you smiling. Blogging is for Northerners avoiding the icy roads.

I lost the blogging bug. I think the problem was the expectation, having to get personal to be interesting, how easily people would attempt to "track me down," the pressure of a tangible audience. So now I just have a tumblr. I like the style. Beautiful things posted whenever I want. If you're still interested, you can find me over there. Glad to see your face again.

So glad Agnes to see you and Smoky back again, drawn against a background of permanent possibilities. Gorgeous! All the best for the year ahead.

Love that wall! The place looks fabulous! Glad you're keeping well and enjoying 2014 :)

Great to see you Agnes, back to your blog. Valentines Day does not exist here in Morroco but my Valentine is here and that is all that counts. We are in Agadir, taking a 10 day holiday together. 5 days left till I head home - I actually do not know how I will leave !!!! All my love and it is truly lovely to see you !!

Greetings from New Zealand! So nice to hear from you. You and your place look great! I started a new travel blog. Sorry to self promote, but did want to tell you about it since you are such a world traveler. Take care and hope you are having a nice weekend :)


I like the white brick wall, frames, sofa etc. etc. Excellent.

Good to see you Agnes.

p.s. I didn't have any red to wear for Valentine's Day, either. With mostly black and white, my closet is starting to resemble a nun's.

Good to see you back on this lovely blog again, Agnes:)

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