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Looks like a great time flying in awesome weather. Is that a 172? I got my license way back in 1973 in one of those! By the way, I sent you an email at your cosmic address.

Both you and that sandwhich look good, Agnes. I have just got home after the endless flight from Casablanca via Dubai and KL. Australia is so far from everywhere but I am glad I wasn't doing it in that small plane!!!!

Agnes, do you fly planes? That sounds so exciting. Spring is in the air here too. A bit too early for my liking but there's nothing anyone can do about it.

It's been quite busy and hectic over here as well. I'm desperately trying to make time for blogging, meeting friends online or offline, cooking (which I love), doing housework (which I hate), exercising and trying not to lose patience with my teenage classes. I've almost forgotten that Spring is in the air in my part of the world as well. We are enjoying here in Larnaca amazing blue skies, sunny days and temps rising to 22C. I need a break!!!

@Loree: Taking flying lessons. Hopefully I'll be able to fly some day!

@Marty: Just answered your email :-)

.. and love is in the air too !:)!

You are doing what I've always wanted to do and never got around to it. Good for you. Shame on me.
There's no hint of Spring here, but plenty of love. What else are you going to do when snowed in?

Didn't know you were a pilot! Very cool!!!
Our snowbanks are still about 4 feet high - try not to be too jealous :P

@Jemi: I am not a pilot!!! I am taking flying lessons that's all!

Reminds me of when I learned to fly in a Tiger Moth (biplane) way back when! Great fun. Enjoy!

I thought of this quote by Amelia Earhart when I read this post
about your most recent adventure.

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself."

Have a fun time Agnes...kiss the sky for me while you stretch your wings..
( thanks to Jimmy Hendrix for part of this line)


You're a pilot, too? Gosh, I hear you on those neverending to-do's. Every day I feel a little more overwhelmed. I'm glad you had a little time to take care of things!

I like handstand, Gomukhasana in Yoga.

Amelia! Well, spring ain't yet in the air up here... It is supposed to be back in the below zero range AGAIN by mid-week. But that's okay cause life is good.

That looks cool. Have fun, Agnes! I am sure you will. :)

There is nothing more promising than spring! Warm greetings to you.

I love you and its been a pleasure reading you and knowing you however little much we do through your posts.. your energy and zest for life rubs on to the readers.. wish you the spring this spring.. enjoy! let work sit on the back seat for a change.

Agnes---Those boots, oh those boots....! Keeping up with your life is like reading an exciting book and wondering where the next chapter is going!

Am sure you will soon be a full fledged pilot, Agnes:)

Holy cow, this angel is getting wings!

Agnes - you are amazing
I am checking with you because I want to know that you are alright in light of this missing plane :(
Let me know, please .

@Mary: Yes I am alright -- wasn't anywhere near the missing plane.

Flying lessons - very cool. How long before you get to fly solo?

Who knew? You're a fly girl too. A true Renaissance woman :)

Flying lessons?! I just found this blog, and I'm already feeling inferior. Your pictures are stunning and your attitude more so. Thanks for sharing!


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