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Girl, I am surprised Smokey w/his summer cut... Mine would of been scared to death and mortified... I hear u on going w/neutrals.. Adding focal points of color really makes everything pop..

@Chris: Smokey loves(!) his hair short. Crazy, I know.

Get a dog - that will help to give the floors a distressed look - I could lend you a couple to trial !!!

I think you'll be busy with this for awhile.
In the first picture it appears your body has become the wall. I would call it "wall flower".

I love the new floor look - even if it's not showing up properly :) I like my surroundings soft and neutral - then I can spice it up with whatever colour suits my mood :)

I think the neutral colors are soothing and lovely. The floors look great!

A beautiful cat, Agnes!

I think neutral colors for a home are the best! Have fun remodeling!!! LOVE that pic of you!

@Jemi @Heather @Andi: There's so much color already in non-colors & neutrals. To me texture is everything. Same goes for clothes.

I love it! I always admire people who know exactly how they want to decorate. I get paralyzed with indecision just walking into paint and flooring stores.

Agnes---You are so creative. I remember several comments you made to me about art and appreciating factors of the environment---and OH, especially, especially about SPACES. I have learned so much and I know as you progress on your home that the choices you make and the comments will be as instructive to me and others. Thanks for sharing!

Love your ideas and the pics of you and Smokey. Have fun with your project :-)

I enjoy doing make-overs - as long as it's nothing major. I love the look of those wooden floors. They will look lovely once they are done.

..the way to meet yourself; that's what I see..........

The sneak peek is lovely :)! Can't wait to see the finished outcome!

I totally love the look.
I think your "floor mop" has a lion cut?

@Mary: That's exactly what it's called :-)))) Looks pretty stupid but he loves it :-)

I love your choice of colors Agnes, I am sure the outcome is going to be very lovely. :-)

Glad you have two cats now. Hugs!

Await to see the final result Agnes, as the peek looks good:)

I'm with you on keeping things simple (and I love wood floors, except for in sandy or hot climates, then I think I would go with tile). Enjoy your project.

you and me both girl, too much color makes me nervous. someone once said we resemble our pets, so if that's the case i'm an airedale terrier (appropriate as i wear a LOT of black and tan.)

love your style, it evokes a serene feel.

The 2nd picture with Smokey is gorgeous and I spent atleast 10 minutes trying to figure out tht picture....they are 2 pictures right....u've connected them so well:-)).

@Nancy: Yes the montage is several unrelated pieces (wall, floor, furniture, cat) from catalogues etc. -- inspiration of sorts :-)

Love this post.. that pic of you is amazing - xoxo

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