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I spent three or four days in London years and years ago and absolutely loved it! Thanks for letting us tag along on your travels. I'm glad your cold is better. I recently pulled out the VaporRub myself. Miracle worker!

I love London. I enjoy walking in the streets and the parks. I have spent many weeks in London on business and staying with family but am not entirely sure that I would like to live and work there. I especially enjoy driving out into the countryside to picturesque villages, soaking up the atmosphere of their centuries of history. Old pubs with log fires in the winter! And rivers with house-boats going nowhere and energetic scullers.

Is that Victoria Station?

Love the montage of London - a great city if it's not raining!

I agree about the food! omg... the worse.. However the weather was in the 80's one summer... and we were told it was not their normal temp...

I have never been to London. It sounds/looks amazing!

Like you, I love London and I love, love, love the collages you're using these days......I've gotta figure that out. :) :)

No soon than I figure you're home, here you are in London after some marvelous photos of Paris. Paris is a magnificent city, but years ago when we went, I would have enjoyed it more had I avoided speaking to the natives. Their rudeness towards us made me think Americans were unwelcome. We never returned to the city of lights.

London, on the other hand was Avery pleasant experience. Indeed I was just considering returning this winter, Delta has an attractive offer.

London is great for walking and taking the tube but not for driving. It's been years, when did the taxis turn to plastic?

London is my 2nd home. It's food has become considerably more palatable over the years :)

Oh so were so close to Oslo and/or Stockholm! Next time! :)

Gotta love your photos :) A weekend in London sounds like so much fun right now.

I can always count on you to provide a description or a view that is not commonplace but it has the charm of the city. Honestly, I have worked with literally hundreds of designers (and copywriters) and not one had the "spark" (spell that elan vital) that I find in your work (as well as your posts!). Looking forward to seeing you back in the good old US of A.

I've been to Scotland but haven't made it to England yet - one of these days!! :)

I was in Vegas this past weekend, but everywhere I went was London themed stuff so I feel like I was there too haha!

I always love your graphics. It sounds like you're having a good time! I'm sorry you were sick and I'm hoping you feel better soon.

I love the squirrels and the scones !! Expensive city though !

Great collage of all things London - lived there myself for two years but don't crave the food either (except sausage rolls...)

Looks like there are a few other posts I need to catch up on — hoping one of them will be about your Hungary trip. Good to see you back in the blogosphere, Agnes.

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