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Hi Agnes.....I hope you are feeling better! I really liked your "little bit of this, little bit of that" and really can't wait to see the final design and actuality of your creation!

(I so admire how you can make the mundane (tiles) into a project of art). Looking forward to the next "report" on the progress of the upgrades!

I am sure whatever you choose will be divine - you seem to have inate good and stylish taste.

I hope you are on the mend... your scans display the work of a creative mind.

Hi Agnes
Having the flu isn't much fun and I hope you're feeling better very soon x
I actually love the rustic look of old tiles and solid timber floors, but as far as I know.. if you want new tiles
then the old ones have to come up. That's actually not a very big job though and they do come up quite easy if you're in the mood.

Have a lovely weekend dear Agnes x

Hope you're feeling better my friend!

Agnes! Get well soon so you can COME OUT AND PLAY!!

I like the comfy/cosy look as opposed to the new & shiny look as well. Feel better!

Hope you feel better soon! Loved your travel updates....looking forward to some picture of the home renovation :)! I'm sure whatever you choose will be fab!

I have enjoyed your scans and reading about little bit of this, little bit of that". Keep us posted about your final decisions and how you sorted it all out in the end.

Hope this finds you feeling a bit better if not a LOT better. :) I have hardwoods flooring, but I'm going to redo my office area and I'm seriously thinking of the tile that looks like hardwood....the office leads out to a screened porch and right now I have carpet in that are....get better...

Hope you feel better and good luck with your renovations. Take care :)

Hope you are feeling better now, Agnes. Your creative work is wonderful and I am sure your final touches will come out even more beautiful than these. :-)

You're right. Spending time indoors contributes greatly to noticing things around the house. I've just noticed, to my horror, that my sink is blocked! Any ideas on how to unclog my kitchen sink drain without calling a plumber will be most welcome! Looking forward to photos of your brand new tiles!

Hope you're feeling better - love the photos for inspiration!

I love all the stuff you were looking at. Shiny and modern is not my thing either. I love the patina of age.

For a busy bee like you this confinement to bed must be bad! Get well soon:)

I trust you and your tiles will be restored & repaired before you know it. Get well, keep well, stay well.(You and your floor!) :) xx

I'm drawn toward the old-looking stuff, too. Love all of those choices. Can't wait to see what you choose and I hope you're feeling better!

Hi A ~ hope your feeling better now - I just love your style - I think the older look has more character than the shiny stuff which seems so much more fleeting. The older look seems to have roots, making a home feel more permanent. does that make sense? LOL - feel better sweet friend! xo

@Jeni: Agree, it has way more character. The bright and shiny stuff is also a bit high maintenance I imagine...

Hope u r feeling better now:-)).

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