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Commiserations! Your potions may seem to help but rest and letting the ailment take its course in the comfort of your home is the best way to cope. If it is a bad cold you should get over the worst of it in a few days. But if it persists, with flu-like symptoms, check with your doctor. (You've been doing a lot of counry-to-country running around, so your body is probably telling you it is time for a break!)

Oh you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon!!! :(

Horkolasgatlo? Get well!!! My fingers crossed:-)

Hope you get well soon. But if the symptoms persist, try a cup of aniseed tea with a dash of honey followed by a glass of fresh, sugarfree lemon juice. It's a Greek magic potion that usually works.

Get well soon, sorry you are so sick!

Thank you everyone.

The tried and true trick for me is plenty of HOT stuff...peppers and more peppers ...but you already know this
recipe of mine. Get well soon Agnes, we need you in action.


I hope you feel better soon I seem to get sick after long airplane to take care

@Michelle: I felt so sorry for every passenger in a 20 foot radius, couldn't stop coughing & blowing my nose... worse than a crying baby. Luckily had no one sitting next to me...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon! Bless your heart if you had to fly with that cold. The one time I did I felt like my head was cracking open. I cried!

I hope you get better soon!

Rest and drugs is the answer - good luck, you poor girl - it is horrible being sick !

Oh my goodness! I hope you feel 100% better soon. Get lots of rest Agnes!

Looks like you're on the right track now. :) A good soaking in Epsom Salts is a really good way to start off. A Hot Toddy is a great way to sweat it out also. :) :) :)

sending you lots of healing light your way! It will pass soon :)

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