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I like the idea of losing the clutter.

Best wishes to you!

Glad to hear you are doing well and moving forward in work, life, and hair! I miss reading and seeing scenes from your life so this post was most welcomed.

Glad to hear you are still blogging :)
Jan @ BellaStyleBook

what's so bad about a barcalounger? I think choosing comfortable over stylish works out better in the long run. Good to read a post.

So nice to hear from you!!! I've missed your updates. Have a great time in Belgium!

I'm glad to see you're back to the blogosphere, Agnes. I've really missed your posts and great photos. And..oh yes! I love your new haircut!

Agnes! So good to have you back! I knew I missed your postings but did not realize how much until your new post. I like your hair, but then again, long, short, it surrounds your pretty face-can do no wrong..:)
Have a great trip to Belgium and post, post, post!

Visiting Belgium would be awesome! Enjoy your time!! :)

hmm..so nice to read you...after long time...and Hair Cut is really important during summer....and yes we all have those clothes which we can never throw....I thought I was the only one...:)

Mom jeans, barcaloungers... you could make trooper boots and a 50 pound rice sack work, so I wouldn't worry. And do enjoy "busy" on your terms. I think there's more appreciation that way for what we then chose to include in our lives.

.. have a nice autumn !!!

Hi Agnes, where have you been and where are you moving to? Vacation is over and tomorrow it's back to work. Not really looking forward to it.I tend to get used to travelling and lazing about. Enjoy Brussels - I hear it's beautiful.

I could do some editing down too, actually I've done some of that this summer. I have a hard time getting rid of books!

I almost wrote that same sentence in a recent post: Time goes by so fast when you're busy. Amen! My summer has flown by, too. Wish I could say I was heading for Brussels, though. Have fun and post some photos so I can pretend!

It's so good to hear from you Agnes. I know life gets crazy, but it's nice to see you pop in. Enjoy your travels!

Glad to see you back today, I've missed you!

About the pants, DON'T throw them out, you'll be sorry.
The shoes are rockin'!
The hair is rockin'
Agnes is just plain rockin' beautiful.

Great chocolate in Belgium - don't miss that !!!!

You always look super hot Agnes x
Over here we're in our 3rd day of Spring after a long winter
and I'm loving the warmth and the sunshine

Enjoy Brussels Agnes and write again soon x

Well . . . hello, hello hello! Welcome back, as it were. My blog has been looking empty without your posts. Try to get into the countryside in Belgium. It is beautiful and there are some great restaurants of renown in small villages.
Interesting footwear!!

So glad that we get to catch up with you Agnes! The summer did go by so quickly. I love your hair. I really like the pants...I have a similar pair that I can't part with too. Have a great time in Brussels :)

Great to hear from you. Hope you enjoy Belgium!!!

Adventure knocked on your door and you answered with open arms... with a willing smile and with a great haircut.
All the best and Happy Trails till we meet again


I've missed your great photos. Hair looks great. Everybody's hair looks great, just not our own. Enjoy Brussels in your comfort jeans.

love the new hair - very fun and hip with a lil wisp :) xo FALL is soooo my fav season - I've been excited here on Long Island with the cool breeze!

Best of luck to you, always!
Be happy :)

Always nice to get an update!

If you end up with spare time at the Grand Place, pop into de Gulden Boot and have a drink for me. I used to live nearby and spent one cold winter there, upstairs by the fire, drinking Kwak.

Great to see you again Agnes. Looking gorgeous as ever! Enjoy Belguim.

great snaps...cheers A

@Sylvia: :-))))) <3

Isn't it amazing how free you feel when you clear out the clutter! BTW, love the Backseat Driver pic of you but can't comment on that post :)

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