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Delighted to see your posts after a long break Agnes:)Keep posting more pics of your travel!

". . . on the train to Paris." That's a great throwaway line!!

Do envy you. Last time I was on a train to Paris was at high speed from London with only a blur to see.

Ah, Paris. A very special city. Enjoy!

Great pictures, Agnes. Keep them coming.

You're such a big traveller. I've never been to Paris, but absolutely would LOVE to live there. One day. I haven't seen much of you lately. But it's always so good to see your gorgeous face again! xx

Fantastic pics! Happy travels to you! :)

Always look forward to your photos. Keep enjoying!

Hello Agnes
The last time on was on a train was from Sydney to Adelaide and as we were approaching the Adelaide Hills just before Adelaide our train derailed. Haha no-one was hurt and we were all taken the rest of the way by bus. after reading your post I'm determined to take another interstate train trip just for the journey. As always Agnes I love your photos and wish you a safe return x

cool snaps Agnes !

Lovely photos. Enjoy Paris. I can't wait to read about it and see more photos.

Love these pics! Glad you're enjoying the moments :)

rain - probably will be a cleaner Paris for awhile.

Lovely pics! Have the best time!!!

Terrific Agnes. It is truly amazing how regardless what city you are in or what you are doing, you become part of that city. And now a Parisian. Suits you well, nes pa?

Beautiful photos Agnes! I always love reading about your trips.

I love the pictures. Infectious. Paris is a dream. We shall see it as you did when you come back. Try not to fall asleep in between. :)

I've been to Paris 10 times so far and I never seem to be tired of the most beautiful city in the world! I love the bateaux-mouches in July and a stroll along Champs-Elysées on a sunny day. Naturally, I enjoyed shopping at Galeries Lafayette 2 years ago. Paris is magical! In Brussels, I did try their famous mussels soup but I hated it. Well, I hate mussels, anyway. But I loved their Stoemp - a traditional Flemish style mashed potato with stewed vegetables mixed inside, served with a long provincial style sausage that is sometimes more tasty than the stoemp :-) Have you ever tried the Belgian stoemp?

@Anastasia: No but I did have the mussels in a wine & garlic sauce and have to say it was heavenly! Couldn't agree more on Paris, one of the best cities in the world!

I thought you died and had gone to heaven. Getting older has that effect on thinking.

Just managed to catch up with these lovely posts Agnes on Brussels, n Paris North

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