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Your rental looks very nice! Great furniture.

Your pics, as always, are terrific. Love the Paris scenes. And that's a delightful shot of you with the Chat Noir poster.

So close and yet so far! You should plan to visit Heidelberg.... your place of stay looks very nice.

I feel like I'm taking the trip with you. Oh, I die. It all looks so glorious. Glad you're having an amazing time! You look fabulous also! x

Nice shots. Forever the jet-setter :)

Nice photos...you know what...hmm...when I was young I wanted a boyfriend who is a wanderer or a traveller and send me post cards from so many strange and beautiful places he vists...well that was just my teenage folly...but your photos usually bring back my wish to me...now I wish myself young but a boy...I would have done everything to make you my girlfriend...dear Agnes...ha ha...

I've been to Paris two times in the past 8 months and your photos make me long to visit AGAIN ;) Have fun!

A line from a movie; "We'll always have Paris" was written for you and for this moment. Great shots

@Lucky: :-))))) And? We (Ernie, you & I) will always have Casablanca.

Oh love traveling with you in my favorite cities, Belgium and Paris - You also explained it to a tee "Have always loved big European cities and the sense of comfortable solitude I feel in an endless sea of people." Exactly why I would move there in a heartbeat xo

Enjoy xoxo

I am enjoying your trip and photoblog immensely !!

Ah, just beautiful. Paris is always a good idea, lifts the spirits in a way no other city can, I say. :-)) And you totally rock those boots, lady!! So lovely to see you again. XO

great looking rental. Just curious but isn't the weather in Paris hot these days?

@Lisleman: It's a bit windy & mostly overcast. Definitely not hot but not cold either, it's... just perfect actually.

I really do appreciate how you share your thoughts, feelings, travels
and such beautiful photography with us Agnes
And.. for allowing me to feel a part of your life
I touch the sky x

Agnes, wish I could be there with you but it is as if I am. Having traveled with you on various trips, I can visualize you planning or taking the shot. And the most fun, watching you put the post together. (And my favorite...."Hey Ernie....what do you think of this picture?" I am sure I am not the only one who is on the trip with you, as I can see from all the other comments. We all love traveling with you and sharing your observations and your joys.

I love your photos. There's such a nostalgic feel to them. You're looking great Agnes. I kind of love the messy bed. It looks very bohemian.

Ciao bella, pics are fab!

You certainly get around.

Beautiful, Agnes. The house looks pretty comfortable. And oh, I love everything about your pages -- I love traveling with you so much. :)

Great photos--sounds like you had a lovely time.

Absolutely love..... love it all :) ~ the boots, the flowers, the fashion, the beauty, the essence of it all :) ~ thank you for sharing all of this!

Thanks Agnes for recreating the magical charm of Paris:)

You have a strange relationship with Paris. I like it. Love the way you depict it.

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