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What a wonderful time you must be having. Going home, chatting for hours with family and getting together with old friends is one of the great delights in our lives.

Enjoy every moment of it. You will have more memories to take out (from your mind) and look at in the years to come.

Budapest, old and new, looks beautiful.

What a fabulous trip. I just love the photos Agnes – and the new camera
really shines. I can't wait to see them all! By the way if you come across an opportunity to bring me back an authentic Hungarian salami that would be great. VSIvago-Great photo. Keep them coming Agnes.

Wow enjoy your trip down memory lane and the rest of everything there. Looks lovely. Of course your photos are again top notch. That night scene is spectacular!!!

Looks like an awesome trip! Sometimes it feels good to go home again. Your mom definitely had a cool look.

I love your mother's natural beauty, which you have inherited.

I forgot to mention that I LOVE the photos of your mom <3!

thanks for sharing the pictures and story. I love to learn things on blogs. I didn't know Buda and Pest were two different places.

What wonderful pictures. It is always great to go "home!" I have often found myself, when home, going through my grandmother's photo albums and copying pictures that I want to save. You take after your mother.

Being together was unforgettable, that's for sure. Believe me, Agnes is exactly as beautiful as in her photos!! What's more...Young forever & friends forever :-) Love, Adri

Ernie, I'm looking forward to finally meeting you in Budapest.

.. walk on by ..

Another great adventure for an adventurous lady.

And may you have many even greater ones in the years ahead.

This is beautiful!! I'm so happy for you! Belonging is so important, even if it is to different places and with many people. It's acknowledging and embracing everything you are. I would love to hear you speak Hungarian and Budapest has always been on my list of places to visit. Stay there and I promise to visit! :)

What a wonderful experience in such a beautiful country. So cool that you reconnected with your friend and even got to go on a road trip! Love the photos of your mom - you resemble her so much. Have fun and thanks for checking in!

Heartfelt emotions Agnes, I could feel how much it means to return to a land you call your own. Meeting an old friend after a long time is such a wonderful thing to do. Lovely pictures of your mom.. wish you best in your travels ahead :-)

Your mother is beautiful and you look like her. We are heading for Europe late June & thinking we may make it to Czech Republic - sadly not Hungary but I'd love it if we could make it. :) (Your photos make it look very enticing). Enjoy your family time - nothing like it.

@Adri: I think Ernie said he's got a Europe trip scheduled for October. You two should definitely meet! He loves Nespresso.

I think that you look very much like you mum. Hungary looks very colourful and pretty. So glad you're having such a wonderful time.

Your mom's beautiful and you too; you look like her. Budapest is beautiful too and you really do it justice in your photographs. Talented lady.

You lucky lady, it's great to see the pics and an update from you. I had been thinking about you! Now can you please come to Northern CA and visit me sometime :)? Have fun. Hugz!

Hi Agnes
It's amazing how much you look like your mum!
good looks runs in the family I see ..

Wishing you all the very best x

I've heard so much about Hungary from Hungarian friends who live and work in Cyprus and now from you. One of my Hungarian friends, Aranka, makes a perfect goulash! I thought I'd be unable to eat it, but I changed my mind when I tried it. It's nice to be back home after such a long time, isn't it?

I think I remember Adri's first comment on your blog. It suggested that she found you by searching the internet. Your response appeared to confirm it. Since that first posting, your readers and I have learned that Adri is your best friend from your teens and that you hadn't seen her until your recent travel to Hungary.

Perhaps the internet and your blog are largely responsible for reuniting you and Adri. If so, then it's a good story within a story, Agnes. One with a happy ending.

@Rider: Impressive memory, my friend. Adri and I were classmates and best friends. I think we were 6 when we first met and around 16 the last time we saw each other. She found my dad shortly after he moved back to Hungary -- the rest is history :-)

Hungary? Who knew, but I'd know that baby's eyes ;)
I love, love, love looking at your photos. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome back to your native earth, dear Agnes, and happiest of travels.

Your mother is stunningly beautiful...

Such a delight to read this post and lovely pics of your mother and Budapest, Agnes:)

Simply beautiful pictures.
Knowing an additional language is always helpful.
And forgetting the password is not helpful :-)

So beautiful. I'm loving the sidewalk cafes. Take care.

Lisa x

I love your last photo. I wonder what you did on the color, cause I'm pretty new in photography and these kind of shots inspire me.

@Rachel: Thank you so much. Those are old B&W photos of my mother that I scanned in on my dad's scanner -- didn't do anything to the colors.

It's like you're on a missoin to save me time and money!

Hi Agnes,
Ever leave your house with the feeling like you forgot something? Well, I carried this feeling with me for weeks and then realized what I was missing. Your Blog! The world is just that much off kilter without your pictures, your words and most of all, the way you see things. Seriously.

How could any of this be better stated? It coduln't.

This makes everything so completely painless.

I can't hear anyihtng over the sound of how awesome this article is.

Wow! Great thniknig! JK

I enjoyed reading this. Going home is good for the soul and I'm so glad you're visit is going so well. I remember a funny post you wrote about you and Adri and your grooming adventures in your teens.

You mom was a beautiful woman and you look so much like her.

@Patti: Just saw your comment. Adri and I can talk a marathon about hair and make-up! You should see her skin, it's flawless.

absolutely love this lil timetravel/capsule :) ~ so much beauty in your travels. Thank you for sharing. I too have Hungarian roots - my grandma on my dads side xoxo

I love the old photos. They are so magical.

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