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I bet Ernie's headshots turned out beautifully because you are an amazing photographer. Fancy is overrated. Beautiful post as always Agnes!

I love these shots and I love that we both shoot with Canons! :)

Love bread bowls but you really don't need the added croutons. Fleetwood Mac listening? Parts of group are not touring are they?

@Lisleman: Agreed, croutons are an obvious an unforgiven overkill.

Were you already doing photography when you met Geoff or was he your teacher/mentor? I know he was a great photographer, especially when he was taking photos of you. Good shots!

@Judy: Your comment about Geoff's photos makes me so happy. Yes, I learned so much from him.
I took classes in my teens but have forgotten most of it. I only take photos for people who are ok with my style, which I don't think is for everyone. (There are several professional photographers in my circles, both friends and family, so believe me I know I am no pro.)

Great collage! I won't share mine, since it would include those little mouse souvenirs. :(

Agnes, Your photo scene is marvelous and if you have forgotten lessons then also you are good at your skills. I like your touchy writing because you posts are having philosophical and inspirational messages.

Geoff seemed to catch you in your pensive moods, sometimes even unaware you were being photographed. He could set up a scene like no other. You allowed me to copy a few of your pictures he took and use them. One of my favorite things about Geoff was his contribution to your blog. I'd get tickled at some of his comments. I miss the "old boy".

@Judy: Me too. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment.

Love it! I'm hungry after seeing the food. I need a manicure and LOTS of good nights sleep too after my h*llish flight home from Indonesia 3 days ago. Take care :)

Great head shots. And I love your lace-up boots.

Well, what can I say....thanks so much for doing the shoot. I have been getting LOTS of compliments on the final photo we chose (looking out the window). Here I was ready to pose and you caught it. (I know..."Don't pose!!!").

Now for those pants.....they are your best...no doubt about it. Perfect fit and "the hand" as they say in the trades (material) is out of this world.

You really have what artists call "Flair".

that's a self-portrait? Wow, well done and beautiful.

@Sage: Basically yes, testing the camera settings.

Snazzy outfit for a photo shoot! But you are always so well-dressed, Miss A.

The Canon's snazzy too! Incidentally, the photos of Hong Kong in 1954 on my blog were taken with my first Canon, which I had just bought in Tokyo. A somewhat more low-tech job than yours, but useful nevertheless.:-)

Agnes, I know that if you do something you do it perfectly, so I am not able to imagine you taking "nothing fancy" pictures. (because you either do an excellent job, or you just don't do it). As for the black under eye circles... put some black tea pads in the freezer for a few minutes, then lay them on your eyes. It will help, but to tell you the truth you don't need it at all. I am very curious to hear Ernie's opinion of your photos...

This was a lovely collage Agnes:) Happy Easter

U post beautiful pictures Agnes...actually the word I was looking for is Classy...classy pictures.

Love the picture of you in front of the camera with face hidden.

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