I love your collage and outlook, but am jealous of your weather. The winds here are cold and bitter. We're still waiting for spring.

Hugs from here.

going home in your memories is often better than the actual time you were there. I've been browsing over here for what a year? Time is easy to lose track of and why do we bother to track it anyway? I did not know you were from Hungary.

Where do you find your boots and purses! So cool! Is the dress in the picture the same one you're wearing? The T-shirt is perfect! So is Smokey!

LOVE the outfit! Happy Spring!!!

..well..well..fine for women..

On me, that dress would look like a rag. On you, it's adorable.

it's not wasted on the young! Mark Twian said it was. I see my young adult children and am happy they are young adults, but glad I am not!

Definitely not, and Bernard Shaw was an eccentric cynic to begin with. Yes, we do make mistakes but then we have a good time when young, not having to be careful about what we say or do is a bonus. We were more ourselves when younger.
Nice outfit in soft, breathable material - perfect for the sizzling summer.
Have a good time, Agnes.

Now...if you decide to come visit, we'll make a lot of fresh memories and of course take photos again, 20 years later (it was horrible to even write that), and we'll be children again!

I am all for lace-up sandals and a Stones t-shirt, but the denim shorts? Let's discuss it, okay?

Unfortunately, it's incredibly cold here in Hungary, 3°C.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

And I think true love never fades.

Fear no more, if you want me to, I promise to play the violin especially for you. For old times' sake.

glad you found the belt. I've got one I've been looking for since 1983. Only you could pull this outfit off. I have to defend black. It's not laziness, it's simplicity--and a great backdrop for jewelry with attitude.

Agnes u look gorgeous, I love the picture.....like picture-perfect....like purity. Am I going over the top.... I cant help it....lovely, LOVELY photo.

p.s: does it need a belt???

@Adri: The violin! You were so good my friend :-) Denim shorts are mostly scary but they are a pretty common sight here in Florida -- the weather seems to override all vanity related concerns. God, you're making me miss Hungary so bad... but 3°C?

@Linda: Exactly... head-to-toe black with an attitude.

@Adri: p/s: Do you remember the sandals ("saru")?

Some say youth is wasted on the young, that young love fades, people come and go… you can't go home again and that it's all over too soon. I don't know. I sure wish I could censor some of life's changes but couldn't imagine life with zero change and every day the same.

Love this.

Love your blog. You rock your personal style every day. You are so incredibly in tune with yourself, and that's addictively admirable.

Of course I do! You can't seriously think I would forget :-)

@Adri: Saru = best footwear ever!

I'm thinking... we could ask our old school for our úttörő photos :-)

@Adri: I have mine, you sent it to me last year, remember? Do you not have yours?

That dress is beautiful and so are you! I'm glad you found the belt. You probably put it up so well that you couldn't remember where it was stored. I do things like that all the time.

That was the "little drummer" photo :-)

@Adri: Oh yes. Too funny. Those were the days!

you look adorable- as always! what do you use for your collages? i need tips to make some for the kids pics...I take so many and it would be nice if I can make such collages and put them in photo books. Thanks!

@Shachi: I think I did this one in Artboard (on a mac), but any image editor will work. If you have photoshop, you can do pretty much anything, especially if it needs to be print quality (which this collage is not). Pixelmator is a great alternative to Photoshop. Hope it helps?

What I find so interesting about your work Agnes (I know, you don't consider your blog part of your work) is that it is so unique. I really cannot imagine anyone even attempting to copy you, never-mind succeeding.

It has gotten so hot here. And just got back from a vacation in Goa :).

Loved catching up! We are heading for Eastern Europe - in part - in July - I wonder if we'll make it to Poland? If we do, I will definitely be thinking of you.

Agnes, over time I feel I am getting to know you more and more. :-)

Your reflections on Hungary, input from your friend Adri, and other comments in this post add to the growing picture I have of the adorable (obviously!) Miss A.!

i'm an all-black girl, too - can't wear pastels for the life of me. but that dress is cute - glad you found the belt. your comment about the laws of physics is really funny - must be in your blood, as you come from a country that gave birth to some of the greatest physicists of all time - von neumann, szilard, teller, wigner.

about that embracing change thing — why is it so hard? some of the best things in life happen when we do..

As Steven Chbosky wrote in " The Perks of Being a Wallflower ", things change and friends leave, but life doesn't stop for anybody. Without change, the world would have been such a lousy place to live in. I hate pastels and floral dresses, by the way, as much as I hate Spring! But the dress you are wearing looks perfect on you! Smokey has grown so much!!! He's adorable!

Love your style! I'm afraid that I'm increasingly thinking to myself"if I'd known at 17 what I know now". Guess I'm getting old. Take care :-)

i love your shoes! :)

Nice outfit-I'd love to hear more about your life--the memories of home (having just come back from my "home")

Youth is definitely not wasted, Agnes and it sis quite apparent:)

I didn't really like much about growing up until I left for college and was finally on my own.

Delighted to see you again Agnes. Well done you.

That is a good white dress, and it looks better without a belt. So it does not matter that you could not find it.

The honesty of your posting shines thurogh

Ciao bella,
I'm commenting on this post because you turned off comments on the one I really want to compliment you on.....I love your line-up pic. So creative :)
Hope you enjoy your trip home to Hungary

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