Girl!, I think u look great!. It is a bold strong color and it takes getting use to. U can pull it off... You've got the right features...

Nude eyes and red lips, Hands down and clear winner! Beautiful!

You look amazing with both. I really should try the red lip again myself, I think I am so used to the smokey eye nude lip on me that I go in shock when I try the red lips each time and wipe it off immediately without giving it a proper go. But you have inspired me for tomorrow, and I love the idea of 30 seconds over 10 minutes :)


Both looks are gorgeous!!! Enjoy your show and Smokey :-)

You're beautiful either way, but you don't really need make up to be beautiful, anyway. I've tried and tried to wear red lipstick, too, but just can't get used to it. I usually just use lip balm!

Both of them are beautiful, but the main reason is that you are beautiful. You are so magical! I admit to not liking lipstick becasue of smoking. Please teach me how you do your eye make-up. In Hungarian, please :-)

I love the heavy, smoky eyes. Nobody does it better than my granddaughter (too bad I can't inset photo). I love that color red lipstick--and there is a liner that keeps it confined to where you want it. I'm past ruby red lips, but not the smokey eye. Lucky you who can do both. I also adore The Big Bang Theory. The writing is fantastic--sharp, witty and quick. We watch reruns everyday and it's amazing the number of shows we missed.

@Adri: Én úgy szeretem, hogy a külsõ (nincs rendes hosszú ö-m és egyesével kell beraknom minden ékezetet) sarkok sötétebbek, amúgy csak barna árnyalatok meg fekete szemceruza, úgy hogy egyre világosabb ahogy mész felele illetve befele. Három különbözõ ecset kell, kisebb a szemhély alatt + felett és egyre nagyobb ahogy halasz a szemhélytõl, hogy jól összekeveredjenek az árnyalatok (egyre világosabb). Jó kis szempillaspirál, én ki szoktam mosni a csap alatt magát a spirált, hogy ne legyen csomós. Az a NAKED paletta ami neked is van, az tökéletes ehhez, fõleg a matt árnyalatok.

Either way, you're beautiful, but then I am sure that goes without any makeup. Enjoy thawing out.

@Linda: Wolowitz and Koothrappali are my favorites (all the characters are g-r-e-a-t!). Just looking at them makes me laugh. Same with Amy.

You are a real fairy! Thank you for your advice. If I try to do it I will send you a photo :-). I must agree with all comments, you are beaitiful without any make-up. You are more gorgeous naturally than the most women with full make up. It's for sure. If only you made this make-up at once.

Do you know the title of Big Bang Theory in Hungarian? Agymenők :-)

@Adri: Haha, perfect. Is it subtitled or dubbed??

it is dubbed, do you suggest I shall watch it?

@Adri: Yes!!!!!!

"curtesy nod-alongs" - I didn't know those were called that (thanks). I certainly misspell and typo often so don't take offense but I think you meant "curtsy" or maybe "curtsey" not "curtesy". No matter I like your phrase. Oh your lip-sticked lips look much better than the joker in batman.

Red lipstick scares me. I find it too daring and makes the rest of my complexion look weird. I guess I'm using the wrong shade.

Hate to admit I don't even own lipstick! :)

@Lisleman: Oh. I meant courtesy. Consider it corrected & feel free to correct me anytime.

I love lip pencils + my vitamin C balm only ...ever. Like you, I rarely wear red lipstick, but when I do ...everyone notices me more. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing :)


God you are SO beautiful!!!! I always wear smokey eyes, but on a special occasion I wear the red lips!!! You can't go wrong with either one darling.

Hi Agnes,
The introduction of the two photos side by side begs the question, which do you like better. I thought long and hard and realized that there is no way really to decide as they are both so gorgeous. (And I am not alone in this determination).

Finally I realized that it is somewhat like comparing a simile and a metaphor. Both similes and metaphors compare one thing to another as a way of describing the first thing. The only difference is that a simile does it explicitly while a metaphor does not. Meaning red lips are explicit. Look forward to some photo time with you this weekend.

I love the Big Bang Theory! I agree about Smokey, cats just love to be able to nest as close as possible to you, so they always welcome you sitting where they can lay as close as possible. Mine don't really want me holding them, they just want to lay as close as possible against my leg. I like red lipstick, but it has to be the blue red rather than the orange red. Orange red drains the color out of my face. When I was growing up, the ladies use to say that Red Lipstick was an older woman's color. I'm thinking they meant 40-60, but I'm not sure as at my age then, I thought 30's were old. Boy, has time changed me!

I think your blog is amazing. You write about very interesting things. Thanks for all the tips and information.

i missed all the action in your blog..now I have a lot of readings to do :)

Have I been here before? Because this total screen width for a blog layout might not be the best solution for normal readers like me. Besides, I get lost here and get easily tired trying to find law and order in the middle of this salad of subjects! Call me and we may talk about the beauty of organized blogs, while drinking a black coffee. With sugar...

Ernie plays guitar ...????

I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I'm looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. many thanks

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