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Basically a perfect evening. I've only left the time zone twice, and have yet to feel jet lag. But I think that's just because I can pretty much sleep anywhere at any time of the day.

I hope you get over the jet lag soon. I am feeling jet lagged but it's due to a mostly sleepless night. The wind was blowing really hard and it kept waking me up.

You have traveled on trip further than me so you would know more about the jet lag. Of course the number of time zones crossed has a big impact but air travel has other dehydration issues too. Hopefully it's good to be home for you.

Oh you poor thing! I HATE jet lag. I had it so bad last year when I returned from Hong Kong. Hang in there!!! At least you know it will pass. For me the quickest way to get over it is to plan another trip haha.

Very nice. When's the next adventure?

Sorry about the jet lag. Glad you're home though. I never know how it will hit me either...just will be glad to be home in a few days. Bet Smokey is glad to see you and vice versa. Take care :-)

@BD: Have a couple of invitations but no definite plans...

@Michelle: I think it's easier when you land at night? Yes, Smokey is a happy camper. God I love him :-)

My 747 captain son says he gets jetlagged when traveling west around the equator but is fine when he is traveling east!

(That purring noise was Smokey saying, "Welcome home!")

The Jasmine pearl tea looks refreshing ! Hope you are well.

Yes, Agnes when I returned from Thailand last July I got home around 6 PM and stayed up until midnight (my usual time) got up at 9 or 10 the ext day and hardly felt anything compared to my trips to HI and CA even. I just never know! I miss my cats sooo bad. Don't know what I'd do without them! I know you understand. Hope you have a great day today!

I was just thinking about you the other day. So glad you're still here! I hate jetlag and have no idea how to avoid it. Xxx

Jasmine tea, snuggles from kitty, great music and sleep...perfection. (And I'm very curious as to what work takes you to all these amazing places!)

Sounds like you've got a good cure - hope it works and you're back to your energetic self soon! :)

Jetlag homeward bound to Australia is always, for me, the stuff of nightmares - almost puts you off going away but only almost !

Glad you were able to indulge yourself and hope you feel back to normal soon!

Work ...work ...work. You sure do work a lot!


Hi... this is when lightning hit my computer...just got it back.. let me read of your peripatetic ways ......

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