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Always on the go! I'd feel disorientated, too. I can barely handle a drive to the next state over.

Quite a difference from UB, welcome back to the USA.

@Sage: Different indeed. Guess I'm a foreigner everywhere.

You replied "a foreigner everywhere". I guess there can be at least two sides to that. One being negative with an out of touch feeling. The positive twist would be an excited feeling of seeing everything in a fresh way. There's probably other ways to interpret your words too. Did you pickup any good foreign expressions?

@Lisleman: Oh. Didn't mean it in a bad way :-)

Wow, you could write a book about going round the world in 80 days or something like that. I can only imagine how disoriented you can get.

Traveling does throw your system out of whack! Take care :)

Your admiration and love of travel is obvious (and even more so while traveling with you). It brings to mind...and it is so applicable “Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” – Jack Kerouac

@Ernie: On The Road? It's been a while... was 16ish when I read it. Just finished re-reading Franny and Zooey on the plane.

I think you would like Mongolia. There are no chain restaurants there. Can't wait to tell you about the trip.

You are absolutely right. Its both time and space.

sorry our weather isn't better!. this time of year its so 'iffy'... 80 one day, next day rain.... how long are u in town for? or is this just a layover?

Glad you are getting to acclimate a little in LA??? And break up the loooong flight home I hope. Take care from the "land down under".

@Michelle: Where are you?

Melbourne...I listed my Google Panoramio photos link - if you want to look :) Love it here - have you been?

@Michelle: Lucky you!!! Absolutely beautiful photos!!! The ones from Bali are out of this world!!! No, I've never been to AU. Or Bali.

I want to come back and see more of this whole continent :) I have this goal to make it to all 7 continents. Will have made it by July when I get to Tanzania. THANK YOU for viewing my photos!!! Take care :)

Bali is practically an Oz outpost, with all the Australians who travel there. Lots of flights between Bali and Australia, so you could hit both comfortably on a travel plan (with Sydney as the prime Oz destination!)

When I come back to Australia I will NOT go through Bali or Kuala Lumpur. I was searched EXTENSIVELY! They unfolded every little receipt and read them. They COMPLETELY unpacked everything. they said it's because they get a lot of drugs coming in through those areas. Although I understand, it was humiliating and I will go out of my way to avoid it happening again :)

@Michelle: Wow! Sorry to hear... I've been through KL immigration almost 30 times but was never searched. So which way will you go??

No not in KL at all...it was just a layover for 2 hours. It was because of that layover that I was searched in Australia like I was. Sorry I wasn't clear it was Australia I was searched like never before because I went through Malaysia from Bali. Australian officials said it was because of lots of drugs coming in from Malaysia.

@Michelle: Fascinating. I would have thought no trafficker would ever dare go via Malaysia or Singapore... they hang anyone they find drugs on, no mercy. You certainly don't look like a drug trafficker :-)

Haha...maybe after a 14 hour flight I did. They certainly made me feel like a criminal - perhaps they are very strict. There was also pretty much NO question they didn't ask me...really.

@Michelle: LOL!! Those flights are sure zombifying! So which way will you go?

When returning to Australia...ANY other way! I sent you an e-mail about Bali :)

Bet your kitty misses you a lot while you are gone on all these trips :)

I think that the wealth of experience and knowledge you gain through your travels outweigh the ...disorientation!

Molto bello il blog... pero' aspetto nuovi post, e' da troppo tempo che non ci sono aggiornamenti. Vabbe', intanto mi sono iscritto ai feed RSS, continuo a seguirvi!

If you want to get read, this is how you slhuod write.

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