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Glad to see you looking well and having great, relaxing fun. I miss the beautiful flora of SE Asia, especially the orchids. And Thailand is an attractive country in so many ways. All color and a nice, slow tempo. (Away from Bangkok, that is!)

It really does not look like you need to worry about loose fitting clothes... enjoy all the food!

Love your motto! Enjoy Paradise!!!!!!!

Agnessss.....you were in singapore??? I would have loveddd to meet you... i havent visited this place in a while and completely missed your asia trip posts.... :((

Nice photographs as always. Thanks for sharing.
And I like mangoes too.

@Shalmalee: Next time! For sure!

You look amazingly relaxed. And that's great. Wish I could be there (though spicy food and I don't get along too well). happy weekend.

I hope you get to Koh Samui and Fishermans Village - my favourite restaurant is there !!

Your affinity for Thailand is very evident. It shows in your photos and in your post. And it is very obvious in your whole demeanor. I noticed a similar, comfortability or "at homeness" in the more out of the way or more "thirdworldly" cities and countries visited. Really, it was as if you were really in tune with parts of Morroco and Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, but especially Thailand. And your efforts in each area to educate those you met were a model of a level of care that was really endearing (not only to me but to the locals too). I must say that it's been a true adventure and traveling with you has been the most important component.

Glad to see you are having such a great time in Thailand. Your photos are super and the food looks delicious!!

By the way, the food looks like an ode to the palate!

I love mangoes too. I'm not partial, but I know the Philippine mangoes are the best---juiciest, tastiest and most heavenly for the palate. If you like going to Southeast Asian countries, try coming to my home-nation, the Philippines...as they say "it's more fun in the Philippines." It's similar to Thailand but with a lot more beautiful beaches, more food, and more fun!
I agree , big shirts can camouflage the effects of too much eating :-) hehehe!

I need to get my hands on some of those Thi pants and big shirts. If everyone I knew (and saw) whould be willing to wear them... well let's just say what a perfect world it would be.

Hey AGnes, I really don't mean to spam or anything like that....but after I posted my previous comment here on this same post, I read that the Philippines is at top 17 at the list of New York Times' 46 Top Places to Go in 2013; you can read it here-->http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/01/10/travel/2013-places-to-go.html?ref=travel

P.S. Agnes...maybe you can get me some pointers on growing orchids. Mine bloomed ...bloom now gone... what do I do? The leaves look so wilted :(

you are blessed!!

You always look beautiful and I am hooked on the one size fits all pants and tops ;D
Alway feel like I've visited an exotic locale along with you when I read your posts.

A lovely post Agnes and am now envious to see those sights of Thailand! Hope you have a blast!

It looks like you're having such a wonderful time, and you look amazing, as always.

Nice post Agnes with beauty of Thailand with delicious foods and relaxing massage spa parlors.

I hope you're still there taking it easy! Looks like a fabulous place!

So happy for you, Agnes! I would love to try some fruits off that fruit tray.

Thailand is an amazing place--sounds like you're having a wonderful time.

What a trip u are on, Agnes.. Happy New year! Hope u travel to your heart's desire!

.........Sounds like the script of "Eat, Pray, Love" to me ........

I skip the wonderful plants of SE Japan, especially the orchid flowers. And Thailand is an eye-catching nation in so many methods.

Aaaaah! The food looks so good! I love Thai fooood! :D

Spicy food is an essential part of the Asian food.
Those "giant shirts" look real ethnic.

It was as if you were really in track with areas of Morroco and Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, but especially Thailand.

This post is pure bliss! Enjoy yourself!!! xo

Awesome photos! You look beautiful. So happy you sound so happy!

you had me at "BEST MANGOES"!!! ok, really, you had me at THAILAND and did not stop till the very last picture and word... but mangoes would've been enough!!! ENJOY!!! ♥♥♥

Loved reading about your trip. And the photographs...they are superb, u've captured the essence of every place u've been.

Keep 'em posts coming:-)).

I'm insanely jealous! I want to go to Thailand....YESTERDAY! Love the photos as usual. And....it's so great to see you traveling about again...I love reading your posts.

Thailand! How jealous am I? Have a lovely time...

Hi Agnes, I'm going to Bali next week for a month. Where in SE Asia do you recommend? I don't like cities that well. I've been to Phuket and Bangkok. Love nature and wild life. Just curious what you might suggest. Thank you!!!

@Michelle: Lucky you!!! I really only know a few cities well.... Cameron Highlands (Malaysia) is one of the most peaceful places (not city) I've ever experienced. There's a hotel called The Lakehouse there which I like a lot.
For some reason, I would really like to go to Timor (never been though so can't recommend). And I love Sri Lanka (only been a few times) although that's not really SE Asia.

Sri Lanka was my plan!!! But it's so far and after a 27 hour flight...still maybe. Will look at others and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Michelle: I guess once you recover from all that flying & get adjusted to the time difference, Sri Lanka is a relatively short flight (8-10 hrs?) from Bali? In Colombo, I recommend the Gall Face Hotel, great location, great building (really old, you have to operate the elevator by hand -- it's like time travel). I also like Kandy (stayed at a guest house but forget the name).

Thank you! I'm a bit worried about having enough pages in my passport! Bali is strict about having 2 full pages and I'm getting low. First thing on my list when I get back. I REALLY do want to go to Sri Lanka...I heard the wild life is nice BUT I am going on a Safari in Tanzania w/ a group of photographers in July! I will keep all this in mind. You are always so helpful. Thank you again!

@Michelle: sounds so good. You can have pages added to your passport. Takes less than 48 hrs if you opt for express service.

That hotel looks heavenly! You have renewed my interest in going. The link is great information. Thank you...you're an angel :)

I too love Thailand for all the reasons which you so beautifully captured in this post Agnes:)

Great photos Agnes, looks like a lovely place to have a holiday :) Take care

I love Thailand and would like to go there one day...

It's a pity you don't have a donate button! I'd definitely donate to this excellent blog! I suppose for now i'll settle for
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Chat soon!

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