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As an old Asian hand, Agnes, I recommend checking in with a doctor. Just to make sure it's nothing too nasty. But you've been a busy traveler, so you've done well to stay healthy this far.:-)

Best wishes to get well soon.

Oh, get well soon Agnes. This is no good!

And yes, drink a lot of fluids :)

Yes lots of fluid and the doctor too if not better very soon I hope <3!

And along with the fluids and the doctor, maybe let the doctor read your blog, just to let him know what you've been eating... and from where. Just a thought. You be careful young lady.

My oldest had food poisoning due to a stupid BIL who thought he could cook a turkey! LOL.. Told my kids the next time they are invited to tell him they are vegetarians or better yet- refuse the invite. Yep lots of fluids! and when u can lemon tea or peppermint tea may ease your stomach.

Get well soon Agnes!

Yikes - that's awful. We had a hideous flu attack the family over the holidays here - yuck. Hope you feel better soon! *hugs*

Get well soon, Agnes. These days, stomach bugs are built to take the life out of u, so please do see a doctor.

I am not doctor but isn't it symptoms of gastroenteritis ?
Whatever, I hope sincerely you'll be soon better and ready to prepare new journeys <3

48 hours later-----and I am so glad you're feeling better! Read the comments and figured I better let everyone know. I also booked you for a massage---Just for good luck.

Thank you everyone! I am already a lot better than I was yesterday so I am sure in another 24 hours I'll be as good as new.

Ugh, hate those. Good to see you're feeling better. I just came down with a cold. Blech. Just have to get through the day then I'm going home to bed.

Get well soon Agnes!

Are you back in Florida yet? Glad to hear that you feel better!

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day :)

I'm so glad to read that you're feeling better in the comments. Thank goodness!!

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I hate stomach bugs :(

good goddess - i've been away from the blogworld for a few weeks and come back to find you've traveled halfway across the world. i've been reading your latest posts and am in awe of your current journey. sending healing wishes so that you can continue on across deserts and neon-filled cities and tell more wondrous tales so the rest of us can travel vicariously along with you :))

@Robyn: Happy New Year my friend!!! I'm in K.L. (Malaysia).

Ugh! I hope you feel better soon!! I had food poisoning once and will never, ever forget it!

Sounds like classic Delhi Belly or some such - hope it only lasts the supposed 24 hours and you get on the mend fast. Maybe try some electrolytes along with dry toast - get well soon !!

Hope you feel better soon!

Hope you are hale and hearty now, Agnes:)

I'm packing a bag--but why bother? From your description, Thai pants and big shirts would do fine. You are enjoying the food. Your photos give you away. They belong on the food channel. Very enticing.

@Linda: Big pants + small shirt (or small pants + big shirt) is a very workable formula in my humble opinion. Scarves are another resourceful option, they make great shirts, skirts AND hats. And sometimes, bags.

ack!!! food poisoning!!! luckily your three doctors give excellent advice, so hopefully your agony was short lived! i just hope they don't charge dreamy rates for housecalls, that's all... imagine the bill for that, eh??!! :) :) :)

Glad you are feeling better. Take care Agnes!!!

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