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Ah, the nostalgia that flew over me from your Singapore photos, Agnes. I lived in Singapore for four and a half years (in a delightful old house way out in Sembawang) before moving to KL, after the Singapore Government withdrew a work permit. (Life for foreign correspondents can be difficult in Singapore but its efficiency and airport make it a better work base than KL – and I love its range of bars and restaurants, especially for Chinese food).

Did you go to the Long Bar at Raffles? It features in the first chapter of my book, The Unintentional Jihadi (most of which is set in and around KL) and you might like to take a quick look at the opening paragraphs of the first chapter to see my take on rain, Raffles and the Long Bar.

Clicking on the cover image provides access to the first two chapters but just take a quick look at the first paras. Might amuse you.


For flew read flowed.:-)

Its been one of my favorite for having fun. I love Singapore and its trend, fashion and food. Wonderful country with great environment and cleanliness.

@Ian: I just read the first bit and it seems like my kind of book! I must buy it.
Love the Raffles, period. Always find myself reminiscing over nonexistent memories of them olden days there, it's almost like time-traveling.

Dreaming of future trips and travels is what gets me through the daily grind. Sweet KL dream, Agnes.

That's great, Agnes. Hope you enjoy the rest. If you get a few hours reading pleasure out of it, I will be delighted.

I have had "My Name is Red" waiting in a pile of books to be read for a couple of years. I'll have to pull it out. Travel safe.

If you are hungry enough, you'll make it to Hungary. I know you have been asked this many times but...have you thought of being a travel writer/blogger? I mean in an organized, 'I am going to make part of my living from it' type of way?

I am rapt and intrigued with your exotic journeys.
Get the laundry done and some good rest and tell us more ........

A good night's sleep and clean laundry - some of the pleasures of life :) Enjoy them both and the rest of your journey!

I had to giggle at your laundry comment as I just tried to leave the house in a pajama tank top under a sweater. I had to go way back in my closet to find something. I guess it's time to do laundry over here too. Definitely in less glamorous surroundings. It sounds like you are feeding your soul through this trip Agnes. Wonderful!

ugh you're so cool. Take me with you on your adventures.

you're right : the best travels are often imaginary travels.
Happy New Year Agnes !
I send you all the best wishes for 2013.

I like "Ace the Skywriter". Being able to write in the sky is even better than the sand.

I hope you'll make it to Hungary this year Agnes. And i hope you had a good night's rest :)

Love that skyline...brilliant click !!!

Happy New Year and Happy Traveling!!

What a great place to be at the beginning of the year!!! Happy New Year and I wish you all the best for 2013! I have been in KL in November last year, coming from Bali... and I have to say it felt like coming back to civilization... I really liked the place.

It's always a pleasure to read about your travels, Agnes, and learn so much from your own experiences. As the Greek poet Constantinos Kavafis wrote in his poem "Ithaca" : “When you set out on your journey to Ithaca,
pray that the road is long, full of adventure, full of knowledge.” Thanks for sharing this brilliant post and photos.

Are you ever planning to return home? Sounds like you are having so much fun ...I'd be exhausted by now, but you sound energized. Happy New Year to you!

What an amazing adventure! I am thinking that I wish you were here to help me squeeze 22 days of clothes for HOT and COLD weather into 50 lbs. Packing is always such a challenge for me on long trips. Hope all is well. take care :-)

Been great to catch up with your travels Agnes. You are certainly a child of the world.

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