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Wow what a wondrous journey you have had - Casablanca! I love that film - we have the dvd and can watch it over & over & never tire - and you were actually there?! Beautiful photos, they take me right into the centre of the desert with its light, colours, textures - right into its soul. Happy Christmas dear Agnes.

My home for five years (to 2001)!
Spent many evenings drinking and eating in Bangsa.
Wrote a book, The Mahathir Legacy.
Say hello to KL for me.

@Ian: Consider it done :-D

Am following and happy for you.

Wow Kuala Lampur...been looking into going. Lucky you :)

27 times to KL???

@Andi: Si!

Daaaaamn, you intrepid traveler, you. Love that bag.

Well if my geography serves me correctly, you appear to be on a trip around the world going east. you must not mind long flights

How long will you be traveling ...what a wonderful adventure you are on to so many different countries. I'd be exhausted by now. Love, love, love that bag BTW. Merry Christmas!

Agnes, you probably already have far too much to do and read, but, since you are in the region, I thought I would mention that I am making my historical novel Nanyang available for free download on Thursday and Friday, December 27-28 (US West Coast time). (I don't even know whether you have a Kindle!) If interested, you could dip into Nanyang to find segments about the early history, mixed with fiction, of Penang, Malacca, and Singapore - not to mention Java.

Chapter 55 on for Penang. Malacca and Singapore follow.

@Ian: Thank you so much! I don't have a Kindle but will alert my friends who do. I went out to my favorite coffee shop in Mid Valley yesterday. There used to be an MPH bookstore right next to it and I was hoping to pick up a book or two but alas, the bookstore is gone. God, I love KL so much.

even sounds romantic!!!

I have great memories of KL that go back to 1955! (When I was a young correspondent for Reuters.) And I visited there regularly from my base in HK during the sixties and seventies. I love the last vestiges of the British colonial era - the old court buildings and the Royal Selangor Club.

@Ian: It has to be my favorite city in the world. You know that feeling when you step out the airport and take your first breath of the hot and humid air and the sheer knowledge that you're here makes you feel content?

Agnes, its never goodbye Casablanca. We will always have Casablanca, me, you Lucky...in our hearts, in our souls. What a place!
And yes, you are the intrepid traveler but as you point out, once there the travel is all just history--and now the new adventure beckons. And KL is as much or more of what you had so often talked about.
A great place for Christmas. Can't wait to see what you got cooked up for Xmas dinner!

@Ernie: I have no Christmas plans!

Yes, I do, Agnes. Especially getting back to home base after an assignment in another Asian city.
But my "first favorite" city has to be Hong Kong - back in the 1960s and 1970s. Of course, there was a family there to welcome me.

Have a great Christmas.

I love KL and the heat that hits you as you leave the airport !! Your post has me yearning for more and more travel.

so jealous you are in KL! I love it in Malaysia, have you been to Melacca? They have indian food down there that is AMAZING!

Lovely Agnes! I too was in KL two years back on Christmas! So beautifully decorated!! Merry X Mas and a great New Year:)

What a amazing experience you are on to so many different nations. I'd be tired by now.

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