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"Christmas tasting" peppermint tea with cinnamon? Huh?
btw you like a girl standing on a corner waiting for a ride somewhere (fortified by your peppermint tea). If you're still there when I swing by I'll take you wherever you want to go.:-)

You really can't go wrong with peppermint tea. It *does* feel good ticking things off your mental list, doesn't it?

A book is always better than the movie... A book makes the reader use their imagination... Movies leave out some key points.. Ever see Into The Wild ? the book was better and the movie twisted some facts just to market the movie.

I like the stripes at the knees of your jeans. And yes, I do recommend owning instead of renting a comb. What was the solution to the hair problem?

@Chris: Haven't seen (or read) Into The Wild -- is it good? And I agree, rarely, if ever, is the movie better than the book (although won't you agree that The Godfather is as good as the book?). Many book-based movies are really good but like you said, nothing can ever beat a person's own world of imagination.

@Marty: A messy bun. Comb rental sounds like an interesting line of business.

Hi Agnes,
Last Christmas I really wanted to go outback and hunt around for different pieces of dead wood and pine cones and whatever else I might find to try and make an interesting looking tree out of. I can't bring myself to cutting down a living tree, just so it'll look pretty in my house.
Last weekend I managed to get away from civilisation for a while and collect different branches and pine cones that will hopefully, end up looking pretty good when I stick them all together and hang lights from them. I'm looking forward to this!

As always Agnes I love your photography
and reading what you've been up to.

Wishing you a beautiful day x

p.s. I'll post some pics when I've finished making my masterpiece and show you.

I always have to cram three days of errands into one so I understand needing fortification with peppermint tea. Your hair looks fabulous as always. You make "messy" look artistic!

I read the book and I'm not sure I'll see the movie. It probably won't live up to my expectations as I have a very vivid imagination.

Peppermint tea with those Holiday cheer cups - it's all about the mood really. Whatever gets your spirits up would be the answer.

I didn't read the book..but mint tea is fine..
Good luck 'RUNS THE WORLD' !!!

Peppermint tea with cinnamon... hmm, never had that... I have to give it a go.

I haven't seen the movie or read the book, but I'm dying to! Drinking a Venti Starbucks as I write this. :)

@Laura: To be honest, it's not very good, just my half-hearted attempt at jumping on the christmas band wagon while everyone else was ordering gingerbread mochas and whatnots. It's just your run of the mill starbucks peppermint tea with a totally unnecessary sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

I am not fond of regular tea but I love flavoured teas and peppermint tea is probably my favourite. Although my husband did make me a lovely ginger tea last week with fresh ginger root which had quite a kick to it :)

I love cinnamon in anything! My current obsession is with Chai tea though - Christmas in a cup :)

I haven't seen the movie or read that book, but now I really want to. NEVER seen a movie that lived up to the book. Great hearing from you :)

Your life looks like a fashion shoot!

Happy Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

~ > < } } ( ° >

> < 3 3 3 ( ' >

I think anything with peppermint or cinnamon in it classifies as Christmas-y! You're way ahead of me in that department right now. Sigh. I haven't seen the movie OR read the book, although the book is waiting for me, along with a dozen others, in my 'want-to' pile. Books are always better. (except for Jaws.)

OMGosh just read about "Life of Pi" and the part about casting Smokey as Richard Parker - hahahahaha. I'm going to needs lots of good reading material real soon. I don't think they have great wifi in Antarctica :/

@Michelle: Smokey thinks of himself as Richard Parker :-) Life of Pi won't disappoint (the book) and no wifi sounds really good actually :-)

For those not entirely familiar with Smokey, he was the consultant to Richard Parker on the film. All the "moves" Parker made were choreographed by Smokey himself. In fact, all the dialogue including each roar or snicker was carefully determined by Smokey who after the film opened exclaimed-"Lobster!" (his favorite food).

Agnes...great post. You look great, as usual! I heard Smokey has his very OWN "kitty sitter" who is being trained to care for Smokey when you are on your various sojourns around the world....true?

@Ernie: Thanks for the laugh and yes, Smokey should have been the obvious choice.

venti peppermint tea makes me feel good. I recommend buying a comb but if you are too lazy of combing your hair, I then recommend having your hair done with Japanese thermal reconditioning treatment. I had my JTRT for almost a year now and it's still straight, no combing required; I rise up from bed, and I'm good to go outside --it's literally wash-and-go hair or shall I say, "wake-up-from-bed-go-outside hair"

No, I haven't watched yet... but I'm planning to and watch this movie with my friends. everyone in my friend circle suggesting me to watch it if possible. May be this is the best movie of this year.

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