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Wow, what stunning photos. What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing it with us xx

...accepting that this might sound like a nerdy teenager ... what the heck ... WOW, awesome! Man, are you sure you are gonna come back to earth?

Wow Agnes. Wow, wow, wow. I would love to be there. Just for the feeling of timelessness and the peace.

Stunning pictures.....you are lucky n blessed! Hugz! Enjoy your time out there....

Oh this looks amazing...just amazing. So glad you had such a beautiful and soulful experience. The Sahara...just letting that roll off my tongue is pure magic. What a blessing it's been to find and follow the roadmap that was left for you.

Absolutely incredible! I think it's so fantastic that you're following Geoff's itinerary.

What an amazing experience, Agnes, to be able to lose oneself in time and place, in such a beautiful spot. I love that you're following Geoff's itinerary. What I really want to know, though, is how you can still look so glamorous in the middle of the desert, riding a camel?? :)

You are experiencing something so few humans ever will. I can't think of anyone I 'know' who would appreciate the experience more or get more out of it. Enjoy every single moment!

What an incredible trip! You are my idol :)

Wow that is a special trip to the middle of nowhere but with a guide to keep you alive.
I'm a little curious since you said there was no internet connection how you did post this. I'll assume you did it when you got back to a town.

Wonderful photos--I like the high deserts of the American West, but would like to see the Sahara...

..spinning around the world..he..he..Good luck !!

Tell us about the night sky, Agnes. I bet the stars are so close you can reach up and touch them.

So I was right! You are making a Road to Morocco movie! :-)

The photos are stunning. I do envy you this experience.

And I must say, Agnes, your meditative thoughts, as expressed in your words, in this and previous posts are simply beautiful.

@Rider: Hard to describe... it's full of stars, uninterrupted, uninfluenced and protective of sorts.

@Lisleman: Yes, I posted it from a village. The timing on the last few posts is way off, obviously.

@Ian: Thank you so much. I am in a good place... :-)

Great Pics Agnes. I agree, there we were in the Sahara desert and you look like one of our fashion photo shoots!
The stars at night seem close enough to touch and thousands upon thousands of them. What a treat it was to be lying in the hammock in the Sahara and gazing up at the stars.
Next stop ---Rick's Cafe-Casablanca!

Incredible, Agnes.

Wish I was there !

And when Agnes walks in, Ernie, Rick will say:

"Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine. "

You can then explain it was all your fault. :-)

Oh my gooooooood this is such a dream trip for me! WOW!!! Love love love these shots and your writing is superb!

AH. My lucky day. Your page loads.

And lucky you. Sahara!

As for my previous post. A friend just forwarded me the picture and asked me if I could write anything with that as inspiration. Hence the Hindi poetry. Not to worry. :)

WOW Agnes. I'm catching little bits of info in the comments about your following Geoff's itinerary...so it must be an adventure he planned.....it seems like a dream...
Anyway, if anyone could look glam on a camel it is you.
You are amazing Your Chic-ness, and your blog is superb!

I was thinking about going back to Morocco in 2013 and your trip really made me envious. I am curious about the name of the tented camp you stayed at as it looks wonderful. Could you share this secret with us?

So grateful you had such a wonderful and soulful encounter. The Sahara. just allowing that move off my mouth is genuine miracle.

Really nice pictures. Make me want to re-read Paul Bowles. Did you get to where the Sahara meets the sea, Essouira, my favorite town in Morocco?

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