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Marrakech was truly magical. Sorry to leave but I am sure we will return :) And then on the road again...and checking out the mountain majesty (and check out the mythology and how it was named!). Best of all is the friendship between us and with those whom we met. Splendid I say.

The mid-way casbah stop was so invigorating--and the food! You absolutely cannot go wrong when the casbah is owned by French hoteliers.

It looks amazing!!! And beyond amazing! Two more days until somebodies birthday! :-)


You are making another "Road To Morocco" movie, aren't you? (Just need the camels and sand.)

The first photograph and color of the background walls - interesting. Thanks for writing. Enjoy!!

This looks like such an incredible place! Glad you are enjoying yourself.

Perfection darling, but you don't deserve anything less! ENJOY!!

Beautiful, so jealous of your seemingly effortless ability to travel anywhere!

Wow - such beauty! Definitely a fascinating part of the world I'd love to visit one day - enjoy :)

Although my idea of travel is very different from yours, I sometimes wish I were half as adventurous as you are. :-) Hmmm ... the Berber omelette looks yummy!!! I guess the casbah must have been quite an experience.

It's been such a long time Agnes...

I love these shots!!! Any chance of you coming to Muscat (Oman)?? you've got a friend here! :)


Agnes you are always full of amazing adventures. Enjoy it. I don't know where I've been. I seem to have missed all your recent posts. I can't wait to hear more.

So much fun and adventure!! I'm loving it. Can't wait for the next stop!

That was an amazing trip and the pictures are just perfect! Feels like being on travel with you, Agnes:)

Looks and sounds absolutely...gorgeous !

what an amazing look you sport in the first pic Agnes.. loved everything.. the style!
i love your boots.. can you help me shop a pair like any one of yours online?

I wish I could snag a ride inside your bag on what appears to be a wonderful journey. It sounds both uplifting and clensing ...I'd want it to go on and on...

Word. Traveling with Agnes is like seeing the world with new eyes. From the spectacular to the mundane, they all resonate wtih her in a way that is hard to describe----experienced veteran traveller meets "never left the city and on a first trip outside the usual boundaries".

I have such a great vantage point, double the fun, as I see the ever changing environment in our travels but I am also privy to seeing them from Agnes' viewpoint. Never a dull moment, I can tell you that for sure!


HAVE A GREAT Christmas !!!!

I can't believe you were just in Marrakech...I'm headed there in April!! :-D

Magnifiques photos

Fantastic to refresh my memory (brain) lol, on my visit to Morocco Sept 2012. Fes, Rabat, Marrakesh, Essaouira in 16 days. Train travel was excellent. Need to return and see Sahara. My Princess would not venture to the sand/heat, so I will go solo next trip. Actually solo until I find another traveling partner. Love your writing and adventurous life.

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