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@Ian: Yeah is right!

The allure of Casablanca. So many facets...let's start with the weather. Could not be more luxurious-never too cold and never too hot and the locals say never--I believe it. The traffic downtown basically a mess but fascinating to watch their expertise of fitting a full size car through a small space between two other cars. And they do believe in horns!

Your suggestion Agnes that we walk the Corniche was perfect as was the dinner overlooking the water.

Lucky and I were not only enamored with Bogie and the movie but watching you watching it and knowing that here we were in Casablanca, watching the movie that practically put it on the map. Surreal.

What's next? Bring it on!

I LOVED Casablanca, seriously had the best time! I hate that so many people told me not to go!!! Shame on them! Glad you went and loved it too!!!

Fabulous photographs Agnes. Love the colorful street scenes, but glad I don't have to drive in that traffic. Oddly enough I never really loved Casablanca. Ingrid Bergman played too flaky a gal to appeal to me. I did think some of the film shots were spectacular, but lost love found, lost love lost is soppy, the stuff of romance novels to someone who reads non fiction. Nevertheless that shot of yours of Rick's Cafe is terrific. Framable. Enjoy.

Take me next time!

Beautiful pics...of the city and of course the drink :)

I know I would love it too! The closest I've gotten is the Rick's Cafe here in Cape Town which is my all time favourite restaurant! Enjoy Casablanca babe!

Why would people tell you not to go? Everyone should go everywhere.

Your trip has been fun to follow.

Rick's Cafe is most definately a corner of the universe. Some say there are only 8 corners to the universe and some say there are more than eight. All I know is that Rick's is one of the corners and we were all there together that special night.
Here's looking at you kid.


I watched Casablanca again a few weeks ago--great movie and if I had an opportunity, I'd go there in a heart beat.

You never reveal much about yourself, and so we, your faithful readers, are forced to guess. That's what I'm doing now. I'm guessing.

Here are some clues.

First clue: The reason for your traveling. You found Geoff's travel plans, and then you decided, apparently on the spur of the moment, to fly to North Africa and to follow the itinerary he planned.

Second clue: Your comment about the desert's night sky. It felt "protective," you said.

Third clue: The movie "Casablanca." It's a classic love story. Love is won, and love is lost.

Fourth clue: The last sentence in your posting: "I never want to leave."

Conclusion: Your trip, the desert's night sky, the movie "Casablanca," and your never wanting to leave -- all that's about Geoff, isn't it?


Whether or not I'm right, there's something about your series of posts that makes them special. It's your happiness.

From now onward, may you always be happy, Agnes.

Looks beautiful Agnes, glad that you are enjoying :)

Photos clicked by you are fantastic to watch. In short I can say : They speak. Thanks for sharing.

I am very happy you are enjoying, Agnes :)

Thanks for sharing those most interesting pics.

Always wanted to go to Casablanca. Loved the movie, with that great cast of over-doing-it, forties character actors. Made it only as far as the the Eastern Mediterranean from my Asian hunting-ground – to Beirut in 1962. Memories include drinking in the bar of the old St George Hotel on the waterfront with Kim Philby shortly before (in January 1963) he boarded a Russian ship and ended up in Moscow, confirming long-held suspicions that he was a Soviet spy.

Why do you have to leave ?? Send for Smokie !!!

For some weird reason, I've never been attracted to exotic destinations, however close they are to my part of the world. My husband visited Casablanca on a business trip two years ago, but he didn't like it. He said it was very dirty! Anyway, your photos are brilliant, as always. Enjoy the holiday season. Hope your Christmas is filled with love, joy, excitement and sheer bliss.

Looks amazing! Tell us more and keep enjoying :)

@Linda: Totally, but like @Ian said, the over-acting and syrupiness is all part of the charm... And let's not forget Bogie, you can never go wrong with Bogie!

Merry Christmas, Agnes x

Looks like a beautiful place. I'm really looking forward visiting one day

@Rider: Thank you so much. Guess I am just doing what makes sense to me... at the end of the day, what else can I do?

Me, either! Thanks for taking us there!

Lovely set of pictures.
Those old movies (with the tilted hat and cigar dangling on the lips) had its own charm.

"Casablanca," the movie, will never be the same. When I see Rick and Ilsa I'll always think of you and Geoff.

I read your next posting, the one about your arrival at Kuala Lampur, and I remember what you wrote about a year ago. I think I understand the purpose of your travel now.

Geoff's with you, isn't he?

I can't thank you enough for sharing these photos and your trip. Don't plan a visit, but sure happy I got to see a piece of it here.

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