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What an incredible journey. So glad you posted so many fabulous photos. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Wow, Deserts! How fascinating! I am already traveling along! This is so beautiful, Agnes. Have a fun trip :)

A fantastic adventure, Agnes. Your travels through this incredible landscape will hold a very special place in your heart throughout your lifetime.

And thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to accompany you through your many wonderful photographic images.

I am enjoying the Hell out of these posts. Thank you and safe travels.

Stunning photos! Glad you had a chance to get clean!! :)

I am loving reading your words and looking at your photos
on this amazing journey that you're on

Be safe !

I am posting this as we just arrived into Casablanca. Your photos and comments keep it so fresh and they are so enticing that I had a momentary feeling that I would love to go---(and I was just there!). You capture it so well and I know I am spending this entire trip to get a glimpse of how you do it. But I think it is simply that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and it is not only what photos, what views, what sequence and what comments but the extra special joy you have in what you see, whom you meet (not to mention what you eat-but as you told me many times, there are no calories on an adventure).

I await your schedule for Casablanca (inside joke as I know there will not be a schedule!).

Such pretty pics!

Looooved this post! I'm glad you had such an unforgettable time, you deserved it girl!!! <3

LOL ~ love Ernie's post above! i am with everyone's comments here - having fun traveling with you ~ vicariously through you! I do often wonder though - how safe are you? I am thinking you stand out a bit there. Side note: LOVE all your outfits - are you a fan of the store "Free People" - totally your style - LOVE it! Safe travels my friend....xo

@Jeni: I love Free People! In fact I am wearing one of their shirts today!

Just getting caught up on your trip. Looks amazing.

lovely - so wish I could travel like this right now! some pictures brought back memories of home....like the coffee/tea cup, the hanging in the car...and it's a strange thing that they put lucky bamboo out there too...it's invaded the whole world I guess :). Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Incredibly lovely post! I love reading about your travels Agnes!

I am so happy to be (virtually) included in your adventures. I think I would enjoy it too.

So exciting!

I love your camera angle...makes the pics reach out to me so alive !!! You enjoy the trip, while I enjoy your pics and posts :)

I love all these pictures, from all these places in all these earthy colors that are yours! Keep walking!

Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great information you have here on this post. I is going to be coming back to your blog for alot more soon.

What an enjoyable and colorful photo tour.

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