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You are on the next great adventure: you are exploring and tasting the street food of KL and from the phootos, it looks just fabulous.

Agnes has this great talent of pointing out a place to eat which at first appearance looks like I will need a bodyguard .......and with names of food that not only I have never heard of but some of which looks like it was recently plucked from a local garden. "Trust me, you will love this" is a fairly constant refrain....and she is always so right. Today was a great example. Not one caucasian face in a crowd of chinese and malaysians, a menu that was entirely in Chinese with pictures that all looked the same...and yet, the meal was delicious and the total was 3.00 US (for both of us!). Oh....and did I mention the dark and narrow alley's we walked through to get to such sumptious fare?

I love your adventuresome spirit!

Food is wonderful in Malaysia

Oh... such wonderful food! I don't think I met a Malaysian food so far that I did not like, either :)

Looks like some very pedas (hot) sauces and chilis on that table in the last pic! I always used to be sure there were some of those little cakes that fill your mouth with a sugary liquid when you bite on them, after eating very spicy food. (Forgotten their name.)

Here's wishing you a very Happy New Year, Agnes.

Love all the color and veggies! I'm starving after looking at your pics. Enjoy :-)

Do the towers make you dizzy?
Happy New Year

Happy New Year Agnes
I hope 2013 is the best for you!

The year 2013 will start in KL in four hours; in Sydney in one hour. I'll get in early, Agnes, and wish you happiness and fulfillment in the New Year. Has been a ball following you on your travels. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Malaysia.

Yes happy new year everyone!!! 2012 is just about to end in this part of the world...

Happy New Year Agnes!! xo I am so enjoying your amazing adventures this Holiday season, thank you so much for sharing with us.

All my best and tons of love, smiles and success for 2013 xo



Happy New Year Agnes!!! Your travels are always exciting! I love the architecture in Singapore, I remember the Marina Bay Sands hotel looked amazing from where I was staying at the time ( a couple of years ago.) Take care!! XO

Happy new year - and I agree about the perfect travel companion. Sometimes it is really hard to find one :)

Totally drool worthy pics :P Esp those of on the coals...

I always used to be sure there were some of those little desserts that complete the oral cavity area with a sweet fluid when you chew on them, after eating very delicious food.

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