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No haircut needed. Let it grow! That's what I'm doing. I don't care that I'm close to 30. I'm letting that crap grow. And you could blog about anything and I would read it, Agnes. You're not a boring blogger.

Hair memories - very much like fashion memories since hair styles change often. Those girls in the Herbal Essences commercial really seemed to be over joyed shampooing their hair.

You are still the best! You look the best, any which way!

If only there really was a way to go grey gracefully !! Not that you Agnes have to worry about that yet for eons !!

I used to have long hair and loved it
Haha those were the days

Your hair looks very pretty Agnes
As do you x

I'm with you, get your hair trimmed, part it differently, maybe even try a fun color (probably not purple). It's not about your hair, it's about how you see yourself. The smile you had on your face from the memory of Adri's Farrah feather makes me smile as well. I think a photo from the olden days of those hairdos is in order!

Discontinued your line without your permission haha! I love how your hair looks. It's beautiful. I'll have to give that line of products a try and yes I remember the eighty's hair :) I hope you have a great week. Take care!

Looking beautiful :-)

@Marty: Hahaha, it wasn't half as bad as you think -- her hair ALWAYS looked great, always! I'll ask if she has a photo of the feathered cut for you (I never post friends' photos without permission) (except Smokey's) (I actually have Smokey's permission).

So you want me to have different but non-purple hair... hmmm.

I personally think your hair looks fabulous! I'm literally off to get mine done now. Have a great week!!!

I think that you look amazing! I need to go in to get highlights. I want to do something a bit different when we go out for our anniversary. Thanks for the info on the new products. I'll check them out!

Somehow, some way, it does not seem to matter what particular hairstyle or fashion you might be wearing, they all look great. It is a mystery, marvelling The Great Pyramids of Cheops. In fact, now that I think of it, this is true of all the clothing styles and wearing arrangements/choices you make. I have seen combinations you have chosen that if layed out for viewing would get a thumbs down from me, for sure. Yet, you put it on, and viola...it looks great. This is probably the difference between good taste and Flair. But you've got both. Ah, mystery solved. :)

i know what you mean about waking up one day and realizing your hair is too long - noticed the same thing about mine the other day so i flipped it upside down into the bathtub and hacked off the bottom four to five inches. also i hate it when companies discontinue your favorite product - why does that happen so often?

p.s. just read the your previous post - i wouldn't have had you pegged as a cracker barrel girl ;) (love their fried okra)

@Amanda: Gotta love Cracker Barrel and Waffle House when on road trips! Any greasy spoon really! When not on road trips, I pretty much live on grilled cheese, fresh juices and falafel... pretty boring but I love cheese & falafel.

Our childhood friendship is a treasure in my life. You are right, we were the best. To tell you the truth your hair are beautiful without lisap, neverteless your words made my day! I miss you very much.

I think you look great in long hair - the longer the better.

..don't do it !!..

I envy your long hair! I've never been able to grow it past my shoulders... and that was a long, long time ago!!

Hair is always a sore subject with me because mine is always such a mess.

Those were indeed the days! I'm older than you so my frail attempt at Farrah locks was in high school - so much fun!! :)

I am perpetually unhappy with my hair :). You look good always, dear Agnes.

...hmm....your hairs seems fine to me..let them be...normally ASIAN people like long hairs... :)

Liked your statement that Clinique discontinued the product without your permission:)

It's personal pfreerence, really.Some guys LOVE the natural look, and other guys prefer the fake everything.How much you let this concern you really depends on how interested you are in having a guy that is attracted to you for how you look as compared to someone that wants you to look like every other bleach blonde, makeup covered thing that walks around in a miniskirt.Someone that needs for you to look a certain way to please them usually needs you to act a certain way, as well. If you're okay with parading around as trophy wife' then more power to you. I prefer au natural.

Love your long hair...its beautiful :)

Yes, hair cut can give you a completely new style. And wig can also do this. If you don't wanna hurt and short your hair, you can get a wig to match with you.

Well if you are in need of a haircut, you are going to need to know what to look for. There are so many people out there that can help you out, but you need to know what you want and who can help you out. Some can do things better for you.
Jak Manson |

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