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Youth is beautiful and you should very proud of your history and beauty which still exists. Especially in American where most loose their beauty/handsomeness by the time they are 30 years old. Be fond of the past but always move forward! Tom in Texas


You have often spoken so affectionatly about Adri. I feel I know her even better from this early photo.

And your pic? .Well, I know that look....that's the look that says, when someone makes a comment that has no real beginning and is neither a question or comment...."And by this you mean?"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your eyebrows. Awesomeness in two furry little caterpillars! And Adri, you are rockin' that 80s look, gotta dig the upturned collar.

@Marty: Gotta love the upturned collar & her hair! Plus you can totally catch a taste of her attitude there. Yes, meet my virgin eyebrows, that's what they looked like before my first beautician was allowed to touch them (with a lawn mower obviously) which I semi-regret.

Luckily, time, hairdressers and beauticians did us a favor :-). Tomorrow, Santa Claus will come, which reminds me of the time I stole your Secret Santa, because I knew you made a beautiful thing. Youth is wasted on the young.

Even back then, your glare was so much more meaningful than the glares of our peers'.

@Adri: I remember the secret santa episode... that's also when you had the Charlie's Angel hair :-) Gotta find that photo!

oh my god SO GOOD.

@Adri--yes, she is highly proficient at Glare. And the glare can contain affection, admiration, displeasure, fascination, high interest or appreciation. But you always know which it is...its in her eyes.


I snorted my coffee when I saw this. By going public, you won't have to give into her demands. Oh my! I should look up my old photos too. If you could give advice to this younger-you, what would you say?

@Patti: Two words: hair straightener.

oh yes...and the people that have those photos of me are now my Facebook friends..

There are people who pay good money for eyebrows like that!

@Robyn: I was just saying the same thing about the perfection that's Adri's nose :-)

Last year was my 20th high school reunion, so there was a flurry of picture posting on facebook leading up to the... um... event... which I avoided... but those could EASILY be my high school (and college if we're being honest) eyebrows! But mine are much darker and scarier :-P

Oh, and if we really are being honest, it has been so long since my last brow wax, that I am DANGEROUSLY close to rocking that look by Christmas.

It's not blackmail. It's time travel.

Beautiful now, beautiful then. Even with those eyebrows!!

Love your eyes...and Adri is showing so much personality in her picture...such great memories from back then, and new ones created via this blog post! Hugz!

Love these! Looking back on those interesting hair styles we had is fun!! :)

The wonders of beauty products. I think I have those earrings.

These photos bring back so many memories. You both look adorable! Here's my 80's pic:

Old school1

Thanks, Ernie (and Adri).

Agnes revealed. I think I'm slowly getting to know the real Agnes. :-)

Look at you -- the innocence!

Of course you can delete my photo or not. I don't care one way or other. Just wanted to show you my 80's hair :)

Such fun !! Real blasts from your past !!

Love it, so much fun looking back at what used to be 'hot'. Love Posie

@Michelle: Delete your photo? Are you kidding me?? You're soooo adorable!!!

@Ian: Me too I guess? I was unaware of this whole glare thing...

You guys look like so much fun! I've still been reading but generally so far behind I've been embarrassed to comment. Glad to see your photos and updates every time, though. Your posts always make me smile.

not sure if you saw the movie the blue lagoon, but you are a dead ringer for brooke shields, complete with the amazing eyebrows. love the fact that instead of the usual high school yearbook smile you throw a suspicious glare at the photographer like a tough biker chick!

BTW, your response to my question made me snort. My hair is a very thin slave to gravity. We always want what we haven't got :)

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