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hmm, so did he give u a ticket? i remember when my husband was pulled over... thank God, he had the updated sticker and reg. in his glove box... then again, he should of had the sticker on his plate!

@Chris: No ticket, thank god.

Yay for no ticket!

Ah, its the old "see a pretty girl and find a reason to pull her over" trick.
Only kidding....good on the no ticket though..!

What was you offense? bad hair? I say that because you have posted about your hair lately.

@lisleman: Yes that too but for some reason he seemed to have been more concerned about the fact that I had a different plate on than what was in my registration. Well, that and then the fact that my registration had expired.

yay for no ticket :) have a wonderful weekend.

Lucky you - maybe the bad hair did the trick ;)! I was once caught speeding on a local road on my way to work....I was late because of my roommate who needed a ride, so as soon as I was pulled over, I started blabbering to the cop about why I was upset and driving fast. He left me go with a warning - yippie :)!

Thank goodness you didn't get a ticket!! You're lucky!

Sounds very confusing. Your plate was different from what showed on your registration details and your registration had expired. Rather messy, Agnes. You were very, very lucky not to get a ticket. You must have said, "Hello officer," with a big smile!

@Ian: I know, so confusing. I have no idea how I got the wrong plate on my car. The cop was very nice, as was the DMV clerk, they even helped me screw my brand new license plate on.

Thank goodness for nice cops! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

No ticket, no arguments. God bless the good cops!

You got the "good cop" this time.

Although your boots are without a doubt fantastic, I envy your beautiful face even more!

Alls well that ends well, Agnes specially when dealing with cops:)

You always look so beautiful Agnes:)!! Happy Monday to you! <3

Nice cops are worth their weight in gold!

And I think I'm in love with your boots... want!

Those killer boots are so cool!

How could he not be nice to you? Glad you're in compliance now, though. :)

Glad you were ticket free!
Great boots too :)

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